Reasons to Watch Week 3 of the PreSeason

Have you ever been somewhere when all of the sudden you can see an accident that is about to take place. Maybe it’s two cars about to hit each other, or someone about trip and eat the dirt. We always feel like we shouldn’t watch but we just can’t pull our eyes to look in another direction. That is typically how we view preseason football in the NFL. Weeks one is full of elation just because football is back on our television. We wonder why we are wasting our time watching in week two and by the time week four approaches our football hunger is fulfilled by the college guys. Yet, week three, that is the one you need to tune into and here’s why!

The Stars will Play:

Most teams will play their starters through the first half, both offensively and defensively. Week 3 of the preseason typically serves as a dress rehearsal for most teams. Which should yield some realistic results that you would expect to see on Sundays (and Thursdays and Mondays for that matter). Several stars that have sat out during the first two weeks of the preseason will make their debut in week 3.

Announcements have already been made for stars at QB. Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco will all participate in the their week 3 match-ups. Even Colin Kaepernick is going to suit up for the 49ers. At running back, we will get our first look at Ezekiel Elliot for the Dallas Cowboys. The Browns will send their first round pick Corey Coleman and Josh Gordon to the field for the first time this preseason. We will also get our first look at Sammy Watkins and TE Jordan Reed who have been held out due to injuries. Many more will be listed as game-time decisions and should play. Several stars have already seen the field this preseason, but will log more minutes in week three.

Those that Won’t: 

While most stars will hit the gridiron this week, there are a few who will be held out due to a variety of reasons, mostly because of injury though. We won’t see Matt Forte, Jamaal Charles, or Thomas Rawls this week, even though they have all been limited participants at practice. Another guy we won’t see as he recovers from injury is Jordy Nelson of the Green Bay Packers. He hinted last week that he thought it is possible that he lost a step. If that is true that could have a major impact on the season ahead. We also won’t be seeing Rob Gronkowski this week, but do we really need too? Other than those guys, most of the stars will be out to play this weekend.

Tomorrow’s content will have some battles to watch as Week 3 approaches and the preseason comes to an end.


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