Chasing Defense: Week 1

This is a weekly column that looks at the best defenses to chase throughout each week of the season. The goal is to give you a few defenses that should be available in your league that will give you an advantage at the defensive position each week.

Week 1:

Rams or 49ers: They play each other. It is highly likely that the Rams defense is owned in your league, but if not, go grab them. They will face a defense with no real play makers on the outside and a QB ranked near the bottom of the league in Blaine Gabbert. This should be a great matchup. If the Rams are taken in your league, I almost guarantee that the 49ers are available. They face an opponent in a very similar situation as themselves. The Rams have a good running back, but are weak on the offensive line and at wide receiver. Case Keenum will be the starter for the Rams, and he isn’t always known for throwing interceptions, but he isn’t known for throwing touchdowns either. I like the 49ers defense in this matchup!

Cleveland Browns: The Browns should be available in a standard league in Week 1 and they get to play Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles. There is nothing better than grabbing a defense that will get to feast on a rookie QB in his debut. Wentz has been thrust into the starting roll since the trade of Sam Bradford to Minnesota, and this rushed decision could show in Week 1. The Browns should take advantage of a young, raw rookie QB.

Tennessee Titans: The Titans will either get Shaun Hill or Sam Bradford. It would be hard to imagine that after being in Minnesota for one week that the Vikings would stroll Sam Bradford out as the starter, but it could happen. If they do, I love the Titans defense. If they don’t, I still like the match-up with veteran back up Shaun Hill. Either way, the Titans will feast on inexperience this week and should put together good defensive numbers.


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