Down to the Wire: Week 2 Adds

Each week we will take a look at players who are more than likely on your waiver-wire that can be added to your team and help you this week. One of the biggest complaints with waiver wire add articles is that many of these guys are not available in your league. Using ESPN’s ownership statistics, everyone mentioned in this article has 50% or lower ownership status. This article will be divided into two parts, standard and deep leagues. The players in the deeper league wire are typically guys that you can stash that have upside. If you use a Free Agent Auction Bidding (FAAB) system, in parenthesis will be the percentage of your budget we would use on each player. In those type leagues, know the bidding history of your opponents and adjust accordingly.

Since Down to the Wire only highlights players who are owned by less than half of owners in ESPN leagues, I first want to give you a list of guys who are only owned in 50-75% of leagues that would be premium adds over any other player (depending on your positional needs).

  1. Travis Benjamin (67.4%)
  2. Theo Riddick (69.2%) (PPR Special)
  3. Jamies Winston (59.8%)
  4. Will Filler (58.1 %)
  5. Charles Sims (67.9%) (PPR Special)
  6. Michael Thomas (64.5%)
  7. Steve Smith Sr. (61.2%)
  8. Mohamed Sanu (52%)
  9. Vincent Jackson (73.5%)
  10. Corey Coleman (66.7%)
  11. Isaiah Crowell (67.5%)
  12. Jay Ajayi (60.4%)
  13. Christine Michael (67.9%)
  14. Justin Forsett (63.1 %)
  15. Bilal Powell (63%)
  16. Darren Sproles (55.4%) (PPR Special)
  17. Dak Prescott (52%)

Standard League Adds:

Running Backs

RB Tevin Coleman (50 % owned)(20-30% FAAB)- The Falcons coaching staff said prior to the game Sunday that they would use a hot-hand approach when it came to their running back situation. Coleman proved that to be true on Sunday. He had 8 carries for only 22 yards, but had 5 receptions on 6 targets for 95 yards. Coleman’s counterpart Devonta Freeman had 11 carries for 20 yards and 4 catches for 20 yards. At this point a year ago, Coleman was ahead of Freeman on the depth chart. It took Coleman getting hurt before Freeman busted out on his 5 game stretch that led him to the status of #1 RB in the league. This is definitely much more of a committee approach than a handcuff situation like initially thought. Coleman’s usage will likely only continue to increase.

Wide Receivers

WR Eli Rogers (12.3 % owned) 25-35% FAAB)Here is your best Keenan Allen replacement. If you are looking for immediate help at WR, this is your answer. The Steelers have been really high on Rogers and on Monday night we saw why. He was targeted early and often, and was the clear #2 WR for Big Ben. He finished with 6 receptions for 59 yards and a touchdown. If Allen is on my roster, I would be willing to spend more on this guy, but this is the guy I am trying to grab.**PPR SPECIAL**

WR Chris Hogan (39.6% owned) (10%-15% FAAB)- Hogan’s role wasn’t thought to be as large if Edelman was healthy, but he cashed in last night. He had 3 catches for 60 yards and a touchdown. His upside is limited with Edelman healthy, but as of now he can be used as a flex play.

WR Tajae Sharpe (41.8% owned)(15-25% FAAB)- His great preseason has carried over to the regular season. The Titans were not very good on offense, but Sharp managed to bring in 7 receptions on 76 yards. More important than that, is the rapport he is building with Marcus Mariota who targeted him 11 times, more than double anyone else on the entire team. He could be a budding star if the offense clicks.

WR Tyrell Williams (0.9% owned) (15-25% FAAB)- Williams is a big body receiver for the Chargers. He actually led the Chargers in receiving yards on Sunday with 71. He did so on only 2 receptions. Many analyst believe that he was going to play a major role for the Chargers as the year progressed, even with a healthy Keenan Allen. That will only be accelerated now. Williams is an unknown commodity, but he has the tools to breakout in San Diego.

WR Mike Wallace (41 % owned) (2%-5% FAAB)- Mike Wallace did his Mike Wallace thing on Sunday. He took a deep pass and from Joe Flacco and turned it into a 66 yard touchdown, making some nice moves on his way to the endzone. He finished with 93 yards receiving as well as 11 yards rushing. Wallace is not a high volume, target player. If you own Wallace you rely on him taking a pass the distance and scoring. The good news is he will get a few deep shots every game from Flacco. He could be used as a good WR3 or Flex play for the next few weeks. 

WR Brandon Lafell (2.5% owned) (10-15% FAAB)- Many thought Lafell would fall behind rookie Tyler Boyd on the Cincinnati depth chart. He eventually may, but on Sunday, Lafell was able to haul in all 4 of his targets for 91 yards. Boyd was only able to grab 2 of his 3 targets for 24 yards. One of those two will eventually emerge to be fantasy relevant.

WR Tyler Boyd (31.5 % owned) (10-15% FAAB)- See above

WR Victor Cruz (9.2% owned) (5-10% FAAB)- The Giants run more three WR sets than anyone in the NFL. After a nearly two season absence for Victor Cruz, he cashed in on Sunday. He had 4 receptions on 4 targets for 34 yards and a touchdown. He and rookie Sterling Shepard will continue to split time, but the Giants will normally have them both on the field with OBJ. Cruz’s stock should only continue to rise.

WR Nelson Agholor (5% owned) (1-3% FAAB)- If Carson Wentz turns out to be the real deal then we could see Agholor’s second year be better than his first. Many thought out of college that Agholor would make a huge impact, he may, just a year late.

Tight Ends

TE Eric Ebron (46.2% owned) (5-10% FAAB)- Calvin Johnson is gone and those targets have to go somewhere. Ebron, who has been battling injury during the preseason, finished Sunday with 5 catches for 46 yards and a touchdown. His use will only continue to increase as his health improves and the season goes along. 

TE Dwayne Allen (38% owned) (5-10% FAAB)- Jack Doyle stole the Redzone looks and thunder that Dwayne Allen was expected to provide. Yet, he still posted 4 receptions for 53 yards and a touchdown of his own. Doyle may end up being a menace to Allen’s production, but Luck will definitely keep feeding Allen.

Deep League Adds


QB Carson Wentz (11% owned) (3-5% FAAB)- This is more of a preemptive pickup. If Wentz has another good week, he could quickly become fantasy relevant. He looks to have all the tools of a future star. More over, if you are in a QB premium or dynasty league, this might be a smart move to go ahead and make.

QB Trevor Siemian (4.3% owned) (1-3% FAAB)- Read above. Wentz looked more NFL ready, but Siemian looked capable. QB premium or dynasty leagues.

Running Backs

RB Jalen Richard (0.1% owned) (1% FAAB)- He had 3 carries for 84 yards and a touchdown this weekend to go along with 2 receptions for 11 yards. He had one carry that went for 75 yards. He has lackluster Latavius Murray in in front of him as well as rookie DeAndre Washington. He is worth a stash in the deepest of leagues.

Wide Receivers

WR Cole Beasley (3% owned) (5-10%)- Dak targeted Cole Beasley 12 times. He is a security blanket for the young rookie. I do not see that changing in the coming weeks. He finished with 65 yards on 8 receptions. Extremely solid in a PPR league. He could be another short term fix for those that had Keenan Allen on roster. **PPR SPECIAL**

 WR Dontrelle Inman (0.1% owned) (1% FAAB)- If it isn’t Tyrell Williams that is going to make up for the void left by Keenan Allen, then Inman is the next in line. Inman was in Charger uniform last year when Allen went down and he was not all that useful for our fantasy teams.

Tight Ends

TE Virgil Green (10% owned) (1-3% FAAB)- Trevor Siemian targeted Virgil Green 5 times. A couple of those targets were in the redzone. Keep an eye on Demaryius Thomas this week, if he does not play, Green’s value will shoot up. Worth a stash for teams that need a TE.



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