Monday’s Reflections: Week 2

After sitting down and watching football literally all day on Sunday, it often leaves me with several reflections on the day’s events. In this piece every week, I will chronicle those reflections.

Stefon Diggs- Last season Stefon Diggs finished the year with 52 receptions, 720 yards, and 4 touchdowns. He barely finished inside the top 50 of the WR rankings. He was hurt the first 3 weeks of the season in 2015 and made his season debut in Week 4. He went on to compile 25 receptions, 420 yards, and 2 touchdowns over the next 4 weeks. That 4 week stretch was good enough to make him a Top 10 receiver during that time. Yet, as the season progressed, Diggs play did not. This season, he has started on a similar pace. Through two games he leads the NFL in yardage and is second in receptions to Jarvis Landry. Last night on Sunday Night Football he put on a show, he absolutely dominated behind the arm of Sam Bradford. Is this going to a repeat of what happened a year ago, or has Diggs taken the next step to become a true WR1? All I know, is that he looked incredible last night, and I would try to buy him before his stock keeps rising.

Cleveland Browns- Oh the Cleveland Browns. I wrote in our “Chasing Defense” article this week that the Ravens were the pickup of the week against the Browns. As I sat at home watching the Redzone Channel on Sunday, through the first 8 minutes of that game, I instantly regretted my choice. Then, I remembered we were talking about the Cleveland Browns. After jumping out to a quick 20-0 lead, the managed to squander it away. The Browns went scoreless through the remaining three quarters and turned the ball over to help the Ravens secure their come from behind victory. Well, one thing is for sure, Cleveland is still Cleveland.

Injuries- There is no way to walk away from Week 2 without talking about all the injuries that occurred. When Keenan Allen went down in Week 1, we almost immediately knew it was season ending. This week, several guys got hurt, but we may not know much information until the end of the day today or Tuesday. Some may dodge a bullet, others may face significant injuries. Here is a list of players that went down on Monday.

  • Adrian Peterson- Ankle/Knee
  • Arian Foster- Groin
  • Danny Woodhead- Ankle/Knee
  • Thomas Rawls- Leg
  • Doug Martin- Hamstring
  • Johnathan Stewart- Hamstring
  • Ameer Abdullah- Foot
  • Jimmy Garoppolo- Shoulder
  • Josh McCown- Shoulder
  • Donte Moncrief- Concussion
  • Doug Baldwin-Knee

Stay tuned to our “Injury report” article today for more info on these guys, and watch for our “Down to the Wire” article later in the week if you have to replace one of these players.

Kelvin Benjamin- I mentioned earlier that Diggs was off to a fast start. After two weeks Diggs is ranked as the #2 WR in the NFL. Who is #1? Kelvin Benjamin. Many had written Benjamin off after he missed the entire 2015 campaign. Well, he is back, and he is back with vengeance. He is clearly Cam Newton’s #1 target after being targeted 21 times so far in this young campaign. Tight End Greg Olsen has 18 targets, but the next wide receiver after Benjamin is Corey “Philly” Brown with 8 targets. Benjamin will continue to get fed, and if he can stay healthy, he will be a Top 5 WR.

San Diego Chargers- Last week many owners were in mourning after Keenan Allen went down with the knee injury. We discussed throughout the week the implications his injury would have on the Chargers offense. Philip Rivers and the Chargers offense answered all those questions in Week 2. With the absence of Allen, and running back Danny Woodhead for most of the game, Philip Rivers was able to throw for 220 yards and 4 touchdowns. Two of those touchdowns and 115 of the yards went to this summer’s free agent acquisition Travis Benjamin who had a huge day. If you followed our advice by picking up Tyrell Williams, you also received a pay day as he went for 61 yards and a score. Maybe the most pleasant surprise out of the Chargers offense so far this season has been Melvin Gordon who had over 100 yards and a score this week as well. Longterm, we may chalk it up to the fact that they played the Jaguars defense, but you can only perform against who the schedule says you play, and the Chargers did that Sunday!

As always if you have any questions feel free to contact us @No_HuddleFFB on twitter


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