Chasing Defense: Week 3

This is a weekly column that looks at the best defenses to chase throughout each week of the season. The goal is to give you a few defenses that should be available in your league that will give you an advantage at the defensive position each week.

This Week

Dolphins (vs. Browns): Now it is the Dolphins turn to get the Cleveland Browns. We will chase the Browns for as long as we possibly can this season, especially now that they are down to their third string quarterback Cody Kessler. The Dolphins did a good job in Week 1 against the Seahawks but struggled last week against the Patriots. I like the Dolphins defense to bounce back this week against the Browns and they are the team I am looking to grab off the waiver wire.

Raiders (@ Titans): The Oakland Raiders defense was supposed to be vastly improved this season. Yet, in two weeks they have given up 69 points and forced just two turnovers. This week they get the Tennessee Titans who rank last in offensives efficiency in the league. Something has to give. We are shooting for the fact that the Raiders defense begins to look a little more like what was expected them.

Buccaneers (vs. Rams): Okay, okay, the Bucs defense has been miserable to this point. They probably have negative points in your fantasy league after giving up 24 and 40 points in back to back weeks. This week though, they are at home and the face the Rams who travel across the continental U.S. to play them. Case Keenum is prone to giving the ball away and the Bucs defense should step up in their home opener.


Revisiting Last Week:

Ravens (@ Browns): The Ravens were our #1 chaser last week and they came through for us. Things got a little dicey in the first quarter when they surrendered 20 points to the Josh McCown led Cleveland Browns, but they settled down and had a solid outing. They finished only giving up those 20 points, had two interceptions, and 3 sacks. It was good enough for 10 defensive points in standard fantasy leagues.

Eagles (@ Bears): Our back up plan to the Ravens last week was the Philadelphia Eagles. The faced Jay Cutler and the Bears on Monday night. The Eagles allowed 14 points, had one INT, recovered two fumbles, and had 3 sacks. They finished with 12 points in a standard fantasy leagues.


Pipe Dream:(Team we wish we picked up)

Giants (vs. Saints): No way we would have ever done this. The Giants played the Saints in what being billed as a potential shootout. The Saints and the Giants had the highest over/under of any game in the league this past weekend. Par for the course though, this game turned into a defensive struggle and the Giants only gave up 13 points to go along with two sacks. Their big day was mainly the result of a special teams touchdown. They finished with 15 points in a standard fantasy league.

Running Total:

  • Week 1: 49ers D vs. Rams = 14 points
  • Week 2: Ravens D vs. Browns = 10 points
  • Total = 24 Points

Our 24 points total would make our “Chasing Defense” teams rank as the 5th best defense in the league and we didn’t even have to use a draft pick on them!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact us @No_HuddleFFB on twitter!


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