Four Corner Debate: Week 4

Have you ever been sitting around the room discussing fantasy football when you and your buddies come upon a player that you have differing opinions on. It happens all the time. Every Friday we want to bring you four players that owners are unsure about and have varying opinions on. The Four Corner Debate will have each of our writers here at NoHuddle give you their personal opinion on each of the four players listed.

This contestants for this weeks Four Corner Debate are:

  • Russell Wilson
  • Terrelle Pryor
  • Randall Cobb
  • Mark Ingram

Russell Wilson (QB, Seahawks):

Critt: Russell Wilson is a league winner. He proved that last year. From weeks 1-9 last season Russell Wilson was ranked outside of the top 15 quarterbacks. If you owned him, you were probably looking to trade him or replace him as your starter. Yet, from weeks 10 to 16 last season Russell Wilson was the #1 QB in all of football and likely won you your league or at least took you deep into the playoffs last season. He has been off to a slow start this season again mainly due to nagging injuries of his ankle and knee and poor offensive line play. If Wilson can make it through the Seahawks week 4 game without any further setbacks then he will get a week off in week 5. That could be huge recovery time for the All-Pro quarterback to get back to his elite form. He was able to overcome a poor offensive line last season as well, and  I think just like last season, Wilson will be a league winner for you down the stretch.

Byron: When Wilson is healthy, he is one of the most dominate fantasy quarterbacks in the league. His ability to move around in the pocket and create additional yardage on the ground is one of the aspects of his game that makes him such a special talent. In 2015, Russell Wilson finished as the third highest scoring quarterback in standard leagues. What stands out to me most is the fact he finished so high but attempted fewer passes than any other player in the top 13 at his position. After Wilson, the next highest ranked player to attempt fewer than 483 passes last season was Alex Smith. This is truly a testament to how dynamic Wilson can be as a runner. His 553 rushing yards were more than running backs such as Ryan Mathews, Jeremy Langford, and Charles Sims. The issue with Wilson this season is the MCL sprain he suffered a couple of weeks ago. I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty confident activities like running and cutting are much more difficult with a sprained MCL. Russell Wilson is still a serviceable fantasy quarterback, however a lot of his value is diminished a bit if he’s unable to create space with his legs. The Seahawks face a tough Jets defense on the road this week, and its likely Wilson will start. The good news is Seattle has a week 5 bye this season. After this Sunday he’ll have a little time to rest up and get healthy. I think Russell Wilson bounces back as long as there are no further injury complications.

D-Hall: So Russell Wilson is not having the type of year we thought he might. Couple of things. First, Russell has been a bit banged up this year. A lot of Russell’s magic is from his ability to move around, avoid pressure, and force a play where there was no play before. The injury hampers that ability. Without that added element Russell Wilson has just become the QB everyone had a third round grade on in the draft. Second, the Seahawks don’t really have things on track this season on the offensive side of the ball yet. They look a bit off for some reason. Call it a Marshawn Lynch hangover, but they seem like they can’t drive the ball deep down the field or get the running game going. All that said I think they eventually work it out and Russell gets back to being his old dynamic self.

Terrelle Pryor (WR- Browns):

Critt: I was going to write a very different response for Pryor until the Josh Gordon news broke last night. Pryor’s stock shot through the roof when that news broke. If the Browns continue to use him in creative ways (out of the wildcat, even at QB some) I think that Pryor finishes the season at worst as a solid flex play. It is even more likely that he finishes as a WR2. Corey Coleman is likely to miss a few more weeks with the hand injury and even when he comes back Pryor should still be the #1 target in the Browns offense. The most impressive aspect of the Week 3 game for Pryor was that as a receiver he was able to snag eight catches for 144 yards. Kessler will continue to rely on him and it would be a mistake if McCown didn’t when he returns as well.

Byron: If I were to sit down and try to write a plot for an inspirational football movie, Terrelle Pryor’s journey to fantasy relevance could very well be what I came up with. Pryor was an explosive dual threat QB at Ohio State before he was banned from the university for 5 years after his involvement in the school’s NCAA sanctions back in 2011. That same year he was taken by the Raiders in the NFL’s supplemental draft. He only spent two years in Oakland and bounced around the league before landing in Cleveland where he was officially signed as a wide receiver. He is now turning heads after posting one of the most unique stat lines in NFL history. He’s the only player at his position to complete 3 passes for 35 yards while catching 8 passes for 144 yards and scoring a rushing touchdown in the same game. News broke Thursday evening that Josh Gordon will be entering a rehab facility (that could be an entire article in itself), and the Browns are still suffering injuries at quarterback and wide receiver. This is a redemption story at its finest, and Pryor is welcoming Cleveland with open arms. I don’t know that I trade for him, but I’m rolling with him for the immediate future if I own him. However, if Corey Coleman and Josh McCown both end up missing extended lengths of time, then Pryor is one of the only roster-able players in the Browns offense.

D-Hall: What can you say about this guy from last week other than wow! Pryor looked like a beast. From a fantasy perspective if he continues to get these kind of touches going forward he will score a ton of fantasy points. If he’s available in your league go get him on your roster now. He will not be available long.

Randall Cobb (WR- Packers):

Critt: A good fantasy football owner knows that one of your goals should be to own as much stock (or players) in high powered offenses as possible. That simply means that your players are going to have more opportunity to score points than others. Randall Cobb is apart of a high powered offense. Aaron Rodgers was challenged prior to week 3 to get the Packer offense going, and he responded by throwing 4 touchdowns in the first half of his week 4 matchup with the Lions. Unfortunately, Cobb only had one catch for 133 yards. The Packers next 3 games are at home, followed by Indy, Tennessee and Washington. All teams that the Packers passing attack can expose. I am hedging my bets that as the offense keeps firing on all cylinders, that Randall Cobb will as well. Now may be a perfect buy opportunity.

Byron: As a Knoxville native, it’s hard not to root for Randall Cobb. He’s a local product that made it big, and in all regards seems to be a great guy. However, his performance has been infuriating if you own him in fantasy football this season. Furthermore, your frustration likely pales in comparison to a fantasy player that drafted him last year. 2015 was supposed to be Cobb’s year. Jordy Nelson was injured and out for the season. The stars aligned for Cobb to be the go to guy in an explosive offense led by the impeccable Aaron Rodgers. And. He. Flopped. No matter how you slice it, the former Kentucky Wildcat underperformed in every possible facet in terms of fantasy production. He didn’t even finish as the best receiver on his team if you’re looking at fantasy points, which we are. Cobb finished 30th at his position in scoring. Five spots behind veteran James Jones, who isn’t even on the team this season. Here we are again this year, and Cobb has essentially been a non-factor in the Green Bay offense. He has a measly 13 fantasy points in standard leagues (PPR leagues are just as bad) through three games this season. That ties him with Brian Quick and puts him just ahead of players like Jeremy Kerley in terms of fantasy production. If you’re a Randall Cobb owner you should’ve traded him last week. If you didn’t, then I’d still give it a go as he’ll give you something in return based on name recognition alone.

D-Hall: Tough times so far in GB for Randall Cobb. The return of Jordy Nelson has been good so far for Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rogers and that’s about it. My thoughts here are defenses appear to view Cobb as the main threat in the offense still and this game plan against him. That opens the field for Jordy. Tough luck for Cobb owners there but the good news is Jordy is killing it so the game plans may change going forward. Keep your eyes open here for targets because they will come.

Mark Ingram (RB- Saints):

Critt: If Mark Ingram can stay healthy he will finish as a solid RB2. You may have spent a second or third round pick on him expecting him to be your RB1, and if that is your expectation, you will be disappointed. The Saints game scripts will not do Mark Ingram any favors because they will consistently be playing from behind and throwing the football. Fortunately for Ingram owners, he has become a much better pass catching back. He continues to receive between 15-20 touches a game resulting in an average of about 70 yards per contest. That can be super underwhelming for Ingram owners unless he finds the endzone each week and makes him a touchdown reliant running back. Ingram has finished the last two season ranked as the #15 RB in the league and I think that is about what we can expect from him again this year.

Byron: The University of Alabama always seems to have at least one running back that excels at the college level. The problem is not many of them have made successful transitions into the NFL to this point in their careers. As it stands, Shaun Alexander has been the most successful Crimson Tide running back in recent memory. After him the situation gets a little murky. Trent Richardson was a bust. The jury is out on Eddie Lacy. TJ Yeldon is about to have his job taken by Chris Ivory. And then we have Mark Ingram. I’m willing to argue that Ingram could be a very good running back on any other team in the NFL. Unfortunately, he plays for a Saints offense that is helmed by future Hall of Famer Drew Brees. To make matters worse, New Orleans has one of the worst defenses in the league. This is a recipe for disaster if you make a living carrying the football in the National Football League. I don’t see Ingram making a huge fantasy impact this season unless he is heavily involved in the passing game. The Saints schedule gets incredibly more difficult after their bye week. They play Kansas City, Seattle, Denver, Arizona, and Carolina twice, which means Ingram will have his work cut out for him in at least 6 out of 12 games in the latter part of the season. He still has some value, so if you own him I’m selling high after a big game against Atlanta last Monday night.

D-Hall: Listen I’m the worst person to advise on Mark Ingram. I’ve never been high on the former Alabama standout. I’ve always felt like he’s a bad fit for Sean Payton and the saints offense. Ingram had a great year last year but to me that’s an anomaly. Ingram will continue to struggle. Sell him if you can and quick. The saints defense is going to be terrible all year. They will be behind and throwing a lot. I just do not see Ingram getting the work he needs to be successful.


As always feel free to contact us on twitter @No_HuddleFFB with questions.

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