Monday’s Reflections: Week 4

After sitting down and watching football literally all day on Sunday, it often leaves me with several reflections on the day’s events. In this piece every week, I will chronicle those reflections.

Julio Jones: Julio Jones put on one of the best performances of all-time by a wide receiver on Sunday. He had 12 receptions for 300 yards receiving and a touchdown. He was unstoppable. A week after being held to one catch for 16 yards against a pitiful Saints secondary Julio went absolutely bananas. There were even owners asking me this past week if the best thing to do was bench Julio. I emphatically told all of them “No!” and I hope they listened to that advice. Although playing what was supposed to be a tough Carolina defense, their secondary is extremely young and inexperienced, and Julio made them pay. By the record books Julio now owns the 6th most receiving yards in NFL history. Here is the list included with what their fantasy score would have been with .5 PPR:

  1. Flipper Anderson (1989, Los Angeles Rams): 15 receptions, 336 yards, and 1 TD= 46.5
  2. Calvin Johnson (2013, Detroit Lions): 14 receptions, 329 yards, and 1 TD= 45
  3. Stephone Paige (1985, Kansas City Chiefs): 8 receptions, 309 yards, and 2 TDs= 46
  4. Jim Benton (1945, Cleveland Rams): 10 receptions, 303 yards, and 1 TD= 41
  5. Cloyce Box (1950, Detroit Lions): 12 receptions, 302 yards, and 4 TDs= 60
  6. Julio Jones (2016, Atlanta Falcons): 12 receptions, 300 yards, and 1 TD= 42

By fantasy numbers Cloyce Box had the most incredible day any receiver has ever seen. I would have loved him on my 1950 fantasy team. That list though, gives you the perspective of how great Julio’s day truly was, all-time great!

Pittsburgh Steelers: “Redemption Sunday” is what Mike Tomlin kept calling Sunday night and it looked like it from the opening kickoff. A week after getting embarrassed by the Philadelphia Eagles 34-3 the Steelers were the ones issuing a beatdown on Sunday night. This time it was the Kansas City Chiefs on the receiving end. The Steelers put up a franchise record 22 points in the first quarter on their way to the 43-14 victory. Big Ben finished with 300 yards passing and five touchdowns. Two of which went to Antonio Brown. LeVeon Bell is back from his three game suspension and ran the ball 18 times for 144 yards. I have a feeling that this Pittsburgh offense is about to take off again!

Michael Crabtree: One of our analyst here at No Huddle said this week to make sure you play all your Raider wide receivers. I hope you took that advice and played Michael Crabtree. He finished with seven receptions for 88 yards, and three scores.

  • Player A: 72 receptions, 1098 yards, and 5 TDs
  • Player B: 93 receptions, 1046 yards, and 12 TDs

When you think of the Raiders receiving corps you often think of Amari Cooper as the guy. He was definitely overshadowed by Crabtree on Sunday. In fact, if you go all the way back to week 4 of 2015 and look at the two receivers stats from the last 16 games, then you would find the numbers listed above. Player A has significantly less catches and touchdowns than player B, but does have about 50 more yards through the air. Which one would rather have on your team? Player B of course. Player B is Michael Crabtree. He doesn’t get the credit for how good he is and the production level he maintains, but maybe he should!

New England Patriots: Well, the Patriots aren’t invincible. It looked like after the Thursday night bashing that the Patriots put on the Texans that they may never get beat. They took their third string quarterback, Jaboby Brissett, and managed to craft an offense making him look like an all-pro that led to 27 points. This weekend however, was a very different story. The coaching staff had been heralded all week at their ability to work with Brissett, but they failed on Sunday. The Patriots were shutout in Gillette Stadium in Foxboro for the first time in team history. Maybe they should have let Julian Edelman play QB and gone for the trifecta, three different QBs in three weeks. The good news for the Patriots is that they will start their third different QB this Sunday when Tom Brady returns from his “deflate gate” suspension. I dare to guess that the Patriots will be just fine.

3 Undefeated Teams Left: Very few would have predicted that the three remaining undefeated teams in the NFL coming into Monday night would be the Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles, or the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have to hold up their end of the deal tonight on Monday Night Football or they can be taken out of this conversation. The Eagles were able to defend their bye week and remain at 3-0. Yet, perhaps the most impressive team this season has been the Denver Broncos. Their defense has once again put them in position to be one of the favorites to make a run at the Super Bowl. Trevor Siemian, and now Paxton Lynch, have looked more than capable of managing the offense and not get the Broncos beat. The Eagles get Detroit and Washington in their next two games before hosting Minnesota, which would be epic if they both remained undefeated! The Vikings have the Giants tonight, the Texans next week, and a week off before the potential match-up of unbeatens.

Have a great Monday Y’all!


As always, feel free to contact us @No_HuddleFFB on twitter if you have any questions.


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