Week 5 Injury Report: Monday

Week 5 Injuries: Monday
Andrew Luck QB Indianapolis Colts (Shoulder): Andrew Luck is a once in a generation talent. Strong Arm, Accuracy, Leadership, Football IQ, Speed, and the list goes on and on. This is the kind of talent that you give the largest contract in the history of the league. Right? Of course, but what happens when that valuable asset gets hurt. Luck’s injury does not look too bad as of right now, but this seems to be a recurring theme with the Colts. They do not protect Luck very well and that leads to big hits with injuries and eventually that is going to come back and bite them. Luck will play this week but the protection that he is getting now, it will not be long before he is back on this report.
Cam Newton QB Carolina Panthers (Concussion): I feel like I could write the same thing in this Cam Newton paragraph as I did in Andrew Luck’s. Look when you have to pay a QB as much as you do now in the NFL there is not a lot of cap room to go around. In Carolina’s case they are paying the best linebacker in football as well. Part of the reason they had to cut loose guys like Josh Norman and DeAngelo Williams were cap decisions. However, the hits that Cam takes on a weekly basis add up. The Broncos game was brutal in week one and the punishment has just continued all year so far. It was only a matter of time before Cam wound up on this list. Keep your eye on this situation as Cam will be under concussion protocol all week.
Dwayne Washington RB Detroit Lions (Ankle): Washington went down with an ankle injury on Sunday after what looked to be a rather slow start. I like Dwayne Washington, he looks like he could be an exciting prospect. I just do not know if he is right for this Detroit offense. They are throw first, throw second, and throw again offense. That kind of philosophy lends very well to Theo Riddick and his skill set. If Washington was with the Seahawks I’d say he is a must own right now, but he is with the Lions. Monitor his status as he will be week to week with the ankle injury. I like Theo Riddick now especially in a PPR league.
Trevor Siemian QB Denver Broncos (Shoulder): Siemian had a breakout game last week against the Bengals. Things in the NFL change quickly. Siemian went down with a shoulder injury against the Bucs and in came 1st round pick Paxton Lynch. Did the Broncos go into a fetal position and protect their lead? No, on the contrary they called several pass plays for Lynch right away to get him into the game. The Broncos have a good problem on their hands. Two good QBs that can perform admirably in their roles. Here is the problem for Trevor, even though he won the job in training camp Paxton is a 1st round pick and he is a 7th round pick. The Broncos have a lot invested in Lynch and sooner or later he will be the option that they go with. Trevor has had problems staying healthy all the way back to his Northwestern days. Sooner or later this is Lynch’s job and Siemian is on the outside looking in.

Here are other notable injuries we are monitoring throughout the week. Their status will become clearer as the weekend approaches and No Huddle will send out a complete updated report as this week’s practices come to a close this weekend.

Notable injuries: For Week 5:


  • Carson Palmer QB Arizona Cardinals (Concussion)
  • Jay Cutler QB Chicago Bears (Thumb)

Running Back:

  • Kenneth Dixon RB Baltimore Ravens (Knee)
  • Matt Forte RB New York Jets (Unknown)
  • Thomas Rawls RB Seattle Seahawks (Leg)
  • Ryan Mathews RB Philadelphia Eagles (Ankle)
  • Arian Foster, RB, Miami Dolphins (Groin)
  • Jonathan Stewart, RB, Carolina Panthers (Hamstring)
  • Rashad Jennings, RB, NY Giants  (Thumb)
  • Doug Martin, RB, TB Buccaneers (Hamstring)

Wide Receiver:

  • Dez Bryant WR Dallas Cowboys (Knee)
  • Eric Decker WR New York Jets (Shoulder)
  • Josh Doctson WR Washington Redskins (Achilles)
  • Sammy Watkins WR Buffalo Bills (Foot)
  • Kevin White WR Chicago Bears (Ankle):
  • Phillip Dorsett WR Indianapolis Colts (Ankle)
  • Donte Moncrief WR Indianapolis Colts (Shoulder)

Tight End:

  • Tyler Eifert TE Cincinnati Bengals (Ankle)
  • Antonio Gates TE San Diego Chargers (Hamstring)
  • Julius Thomas TE Jacksonville Jaguars (Elbow)
  • Zach Ertz TE Philadelphia Eagles (Ribs)


As always, feel free to contact us on twitter @No_HuddleFFB with questions!



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