Chasing Defense: Week 6

This is a weekly column that looks at the best defenses to chase throughout each week of the season. The goal is to give you a few defenses that should be available in your league that will give you an advantage at the defensive position each week.

This Week


Lions (vs. Rams): Case Keenum struggled against the Bills on Sunday throwing two interceptions. Jeff Fisher gave Keenum a bode of confidence, but you can feel the Ram’s fans beginning to get restless. Detroit’s defense hasn’t been great this season, but we could do worse. The Rams are yielding the second most points in the league to opposing defenses. I like our chances here! The Lions are only owned in 5% of leagues.

Giants (vs. Ravens): The Ravens are missing tons of weapons and it has shown the last couple of weeks. The Giants run defense should be able to slow down Terrence West and make Joe Flacco beat them through the air with limited weapons. If you cannot get the Lions off the waiver wire this week, the Giants should be a good option.


Revisiting Last Week:

Dolphins (vs. Titans): The Dolphins allowed Marcus Mariota to go off on them. The second year QB had been struggling thus far in the season but managed to throw for three TDs and run for another one against the Dolphins on their way to 30 points. The good news for the Dolphins was that speedy return man Jakeem Grant was able to take a punt back for a touchdown to salvage the day!

Bears (@Colts): The Bears weren’t able to do much against the Colts. They did manage to get 4 sacks against a weak Colts offensive line, but Andrew Luck had his way with them scoring 29 points. Hopefully you were able to grab the Dolphins.


Pipe Dream:(Team we wish we picked up)

Redskins (@ Ravens): On a day when defenses were pretty quite the Redskins were able to sack Joe Flacco three times and score off of a special teams touchdown. They also allowed on 10 points. Flacco’s main receiving threat Steve Smith went down in the first half, so that helped the Redskins tremendously. They finished the day with 12 fantasy points in standard leagues.

Running Total:

We got to put our money where our mouth is, so here is how we have done so far this season!

  • Week 1: 49ers D vs. Rams = 14 points
  • Week 2: Ravens D vs. Browns = 10 points
  • Week 3: Dolphins D vs. Browns= 3 points
  • Week 4: Titans D vs. Texans= 5 points
  • Week 5: Dolphins D vs. Titans= 7 points
    Total = 39 Points
    Our 39 points total would make our “Chasing Defense” teams rank as the 6th best defense in the league. We will look for that number to improve this week!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact us @No_HuddleFFB on twitter!

Photo by: Melanie Maxwell:


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