The Bartering System: Week 6

This article will feature players that are worth bartering or trading each week. One of the best things about fantasy football is making that perfect trade that sets you up for several wins down the road. Trading fantasy football players is no different than trying to trade stock on the actual stock market. The best way to execute that trade is to invest in a player when there stock is low, and dispose of players when their stock is high. The key element in this is recognizing what players tend to keep constant at their stock level, and rack up on the ones who hold an above average stock level constantly. The opposite is also true; try to limit the players that you have who hold a below average stock level constantly. The trick is to flip these below average players when they perform well for a few weeks, and collect the players who underperform their usual constant level over that same time. It’s easier than it sounds if you just follow the advice below.

Invest Low: (Players to invest in while their stock is lower)


Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers): The Panthers need Cam Newton. In week 3 Cam Newton threw for zero touchdowns and three interceptions. The next week against the Falcons was the game where he tried to walk into the endzone before getting a concussion delivered to him against Atlanta which caused him to sit out Monday night. So, in the last two weeks that Newton has played  he has scored 27 points. He has a great matchup against New Orleans this weekend and his stock will only rise from here. If you are in the market for a QB, you might not find a week where you can get Newton this low.

Running Backs:

Lamar Miller (Houston Texans): What I termed as the 10 point machine last week let us down, he only had 20 yards rushing this past Sunday. He has still failed to find the endzone after five games in a Texan’s uniform. I can’t imagine that continues. I mentioned last week that he had two tough games forthcoming, the Vikings and Denver. As I predicted, he struggled against Minnesota and is likely to do the same against Denver in two weeks. I would continue to work the Miller owner over that time period and try to get a deal cut, because after the Denver game he has a very favorable schedule to end the year.

CJ Anderson (Denver Broncos): As right as I was about what would happen to Miller against the Vikings last week, I was equally as wrong about CJ Anderson against Atlanta. I thought he would have a huge game, and it was nothing but a disappointment. He posted 11 carries for 41 yards and three catches for 21 yards against a very mediocre to poor defense. People are beginning to get worried about the usage of rookie Devontae Booker as well. If the Anderson owner in your league is beginning to panic, now is the time to step in and do some work. I still believe that Anderson turns it around and his best games are ahead of him which makes his investment time now! As I mentioned last week, he has a championship winning schedule down the stretch!

Dion Lewis (New England Patriots): Lewis should be available in week 7. It may take him a game or two to get his legs back under him, but  I believe that he has championship level upside for his owner. Similar to what I said about Brady last week, I do not think his stock will be any lower than it is now. You can probably get Lewis thrown into a trade as an after thought. Go do it!

Wide Receivers:

Alshon Jeffery (Chicago Bears): I get that Jeffery has been a huge disappointment this year. I just have trouble believing that player in his contract year goes out like this. I think that with a QB who is capable of delivering him the ball that he will eventually start to see his numbers increase. Alshon is very efficient with the targets that he has received, he just needs more of them and he will be fine. I may be naive, and it may be just as good of a time to sell, but I think that Jeffery has a good second half of the season.

Kelvin Benjamin (Carolina Panthers): Benjamin started the season as if he were going to establish himself as the top WR in the league. Since, he has been well below average. I think with Newton coming back this week we will also see an uptick in Benjamin’s production. If it were not for a late TD in the Atlanta game his last three weeks would be dreadful. I think Benjamin has a bounce back game this week.

Tight Ends:

Zach Ertz (Philadelphia Eagles): Ertz was fighting his way back from injury last week and looked a little rusty. In a year where tight ends are at a premium, I think Ertz finishes the season, if he stays healthy, as a top 6 tight end. After he struggle last week his owners may be looking to go in a different direction.

Dispose High: (Players to dispose while their stock is higher)


Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons): Matt Ryan is now the #1 QB in all of fantasy football. We had a long discussion on Matt Ryan last week here and in our Four Corner Debate. Go there and read it for different takes from each of the No Huddle personalities. Ryan could be on his way to proving me wrong. He looked really good against the Denver defense last week. This week though, he gets his biggest test against Seattle. I still stand by what I said last week, quarterbacks are the easiest players to replace on rosters and if you can trade Ryan for a solid return then I would make the move.  If I can get a solid RB2/WR2 or higher for Ryan I am pulling the trigger.

Running Backs:

Melvin Gordon (San Diego Chargers): Last season Melvin Gordon couldn’t score a touchdown to save his life. This year his value his hinging on his ability to score touchdowns. He has managed to score at least one touchdown every week except this past Sunday. The sheer volume of touches he is receiving in the San Diego offense due to the injuries continues to give him high upside. His schedule gets significantly tougher as the season progresses, and that starts this week against Denver. Even over the last few weeks against mediocre defenses he has only averaged 3.3 yards per carry. I don’t see that improving much the rest of the season. Many view Gordon as an RB1 right now, if you can sell him at that rate, I would make the move.

Terrence West (Baltimore Ravens): Terrence West is about as hot as any running back in the NFL right now. He has two good run defenses in the next two weeks, the Giants and the Jets. It is very likely that he struggles in both of those matchups going into Baltimore’s week 8 bye. I could see this becoming a committee with Kenneth Dixon when they return from that bye in week 9 against the Steelers. I would sell him now while his value is really high.

Wide Receivers:

Chris Hogan (New England Patriots): Chris Hogan was very good on Sunday. I have no doubt that he will have similar statlines down the road. The problem is correctly predicting those games. Brady has so many mouths to feed in New England. Give that headache to someone else. If someone is in need of a receiver Hogan could be a great addition to a larger trade. You may not get much for him in a one for one trade, but he is a great bargaining chip in a larger deal.

DeAndre Hopkins (Houston Texans): We discussed Hopkins in the Four Corner Debate last week as well. The fact that most owners drafted Hopkins in the first round and expect elite WR1 results from him may not ever be yielded. Through the first four games last season he had seen 60 targets, this season he had only seen 33. Nearly half! He had also seen half of the targets in the Redzone as he did the year before. After reeling in a garbage time touchdown last week and making his numbers look better than what they were. If I can get comparable value for Hopkins, I am trying to move him.

Tight Ends:

Martellus Bennett (New England Patriots): We mentioned Bennett last week in this article and on the 20 Minute Huddle Podcast. I was a proponent of selling Bennett before last Sunday because I thought that may be the highest value you would get from him with Gronk’s return. Boy was I wrong. He was able to grab all three of Tom Brady’s touchdowns this past week and I can assure you that his stock will never get as high as it is now. If you have Bennett as your primary tight end then you may want to hold on to him, but if you have another option, sell high now!

As always, please feel free to give us a shout on Twitter @No_HuddleFFB if you have any questions or concerns regarding your lineup or just want to chat about fantasy football. Best of luck this week!


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