The Bartering System: Week 8

by Chris Foster

This article will feature players that are worth bartering or trading each week. One of the best things about fantasy football is making that perfect trade that sets you up for several wins down the road. Trading fantasy football players are no different than trying to trade stock on the actual stock market. The best way to execute that trade is to invest in a player when their stock is low, and dispose of players when their stock is high. The key element in this is recognizing what players tend to keep constant at their stock level and rack up on the ones who hold an above average stock level constantly. The opposite is also true; try to limit the players that you have who hold a below average stock level constantly. The trick is to flip these below average players when they perform well for a few weeks and collect the players who underperform their usual constant level over that same time. It’s easier than it sounds if you just follow the advice below.

Invest Low: (Players to invest in while their stock is lower)


Derek Carr (Oakland Raiders): Derek Carr has struggled 2 weeks in a row barely throwing for 200 yards and just 1 touchdown. The most surprising part was that this past week he had a pretty favorable matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Carr had one touchdown dropped by a wide open Clive Walford  that would have bolstered his stats on the day. The Raiders were also much more effective on the ground around the end zone. I really like what Carr has remaining on the schedule in a pass happy offense. He has thrown the ball 34+ times every game this season. He has Tampa Bay, followed but a tough match-up with Denver, and then their bye week. Following that though he gets a fragile Houston secondary, Carolina, and Buffalo. His playoff matchup in week one may be one to avoid with Kansas City, but the following two weeks he gets San Diego and Indianapolis. If I were a contender looking for a QB, he would be a great option.

Running Backs:

Christine Michael (Seattle Seahawks): Who isn’t going to have a rough day against the Arizona Cardinals. Michael carried the ball 16 times for 52 yards. He has received 16 or more carries in each of his last 4 games. The Seahawks have really had to rely on the run game with Russell Wilson being limited. Thomas Rawls is coming back, and may scare some people away, and may also scare an owner into trading him to you. Michael has looked really good and will keep a grip on the job and has a very favorable schedule down the stretch.

Todd Gurley (LA Rams): I haven’t been a huge proponent of Todd Gurley this season. I totally believe in his individual talent, but I just haven’t been high on the LA Rams. Another reason I have been against Gurley this season is due to the tough schedule he faced, but 7 weeks in and it doesn’t look as daunting as it once did. He has also been much more involved in the passing game over the last 3 weeks and has been closing in on 20+ touches a game. Gurley has performed as an RB2 this season, I think he will perform as an RB1 down the stretch. If you can find an owner that is in a pinch this week with Gurley on bye, then you may get them to pull the trigger quicker.

Wide Receivers:

DeAndre Hopkins (Green Bay Packers): I can’t believe I am saying this. Most of this season I have been such a proponent for getting rid of DeAndre Hopkins. For the first time all year, I think it is time to buy! You can get him for literally pennies on the dollar. He has seen 36 targets in the last 3 games and I think, repeat, I think that Osweiler is becoming more viable as a QB option in Houston. Plus, they play in the worst division in football and their upcoming schedule and playoff schedule is super friendly to wide receivers. I mean seriously, listen to these secondaries he gets to face the remaining of the year: Detroit, Jacksonville, Oakland, San Diego, Green Bay, Indinapolis, and Jacksonville again. The cat is no less talented, buy him up now.

Dez Bryant (Dallas Cowboys): Last chance to buy on Dez Bryant before he comes back from injury. I have said this several times in this column, but this may be the cheapest you get him all season. People are scared by Dak playing quarterback, thinking that he and Bryant can’t get on the same page. Yet, in week 2 he had 7 catches for over 100 yards and caught a touchdown in week 3. I think their chemistry will be just fine. Buy Bryant before people forgets how good he is.

Tight Ends:

Kyle Rudolph (Minnesota Vikings): I love what Kyle Rudolph has left on the schedule. He also has the eye of Sam Bradford. He saw 11 targets last week against the Eagles but was unfortunately only able to turn it into 5 receptions. He has seen 7 or more targets in every game this season except week 5 against Houston. Sam Bradford trusts his big tight end and he is also their primary redzone target. I think Rudolph finishes the year as a strong TE1.


Dispose High: (Players to dispose of while their stock is higher)

Running Backs:

Jeremy Hill (Cincinnati Bengals): If you haven’t, you should read what I said about Jeremy Hill in my Monday’s Reflections article. If you do that, you will know exactly why he is on this list. He is the most frustrating and unpredictable player in the league. You don’t think so? Well, you obviously didn’t click that link and go read the article.

Latavius Murray (Oakland Raiders): Murray has been on the hot seat for as long as I can remember. Every year it seems like he is on the verge of losing his job. He had a good week against Jacksonville and was able to find the endzone twice. If he doesn’t do that, then it would have been a very pedestrian day. It is only a matter of time before Murray is giving way more carries to rookie DeAndre Washington and Jalen Richard. Therefore, if you have a chance to move Murray this week, do it.

Wide Receivers:

Devante Adams (Green Bay Packers): Listen, I am a proponent of making sure that I have guys on my team from good offenses. There is no question that Devante Adams is in a good offense. The problem is that he will never repeat what he did on Thursday Night Football again. Adams will serve as nothing more than a boom/bust flex for the rest of the year. So, if you can get someone to trade you for RB2/WR2 potential. Take the deal.

Cole Beasley (Dallas Cowboys): Here was my spill last week on Cole Beasley. People are in love with Cole Beasley right now. I think it is because they have seen that video on social media 1,000 times of him shaking Ladarius Gunter, the Green Bay corner right out of his shoes grabbing his second touchdown in the game Sunday. The truth of the matter is that Beasley and Dak do have a connection, but Dak has a new healthy toy coming back in week 9 in Dez Bryant (If Dak is even still the QB then). I know they didn’t mesh well early in the season but I think upon his return Beasley’s numbers take a hit. Which means right now is the best time to move him to get the most value.

Tight Ends:

Vernon Davis (Washington Redskins): Davis is nothing but a replacement player that you likely grabbed off waivers. If you can turn and trade him for anything of value before Jordan Reed returns, I would suggest doing so.

As always, please feel free to give us a shout on Twitter @No_HuddleFFB if you have any questions or concerns regarding your lineup or just want to chat about fantasy football. Best of luck this week!


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