Monday’s Reflections: Week 8

by Chris Foster

After sitting down and watching football literally all day on Sunday, it often leaves me with several reflections on the day’s events. In this piece every week, I will chronicle those reflections.

Tight End Consistency: Tight end has been a struggle for most fantasy owners this season. If you owned Rob Gronkowski, the consensus #1 tight end in fantasy, you had to wait several weeks before he actually hit the field. Jordan Reed battled injury the last couple of weeks. Travis Kelce has vastly underperformed. Tyler Eifert made his first appearance last week. The inconsistency at tight end was the only thing that has been consistent so far this season, until this week. Finally, the big names stepped up and they almost all had great weeks.

  1. Rob Gronkowski- 5 receptions, 109 yards, and a touchdown
  2. Jordan Reed- 9 receptions, 99 yards, and a touchdown
  3. Greg Olsen- 1 reception, 11 yards
  4. Travis Kelce- 7 receptions, 101 yards, and a touchdown
  5. Delanie Walker- 4 receptions, 75 yards
  6. Tyler Eifert- 9 receptions, 102 yards, and a touchdown

That list above is how NoHuddle ranked the tight ends in the NFL this preseason. I added Eifert to the list because if he had not been out the first 6 weeks of the season he would have been included in this group. 5 out of the top 6 tight ends had pretty big weeks this week. Greg Olsen was the lone tight end that could not be counted on. Hopefully, this becomes more of the norm, cause tight end has been a rollercoaster all year!

Russell Wilson: I keep telling myself to be patient with Russell Wilson. Last year he started at a similar pace to what he has this year, but eventually turned it around and became a league winner. It has caused me to be much more patient this season with him. Yet, in a QB friendly matchup this past week, he struggled mightily and didn’t even record a single touchdown. He has only rushed for 44 yards this season compared to last year when he rushed for 554 yards. He is on pace for 96 yards this season. A year ago he finished as the #3 QB in fantasy football in a standard scoring league. Yet, if you take away his rushing statistics from last year, he would have finished as the #14 QB. Yikes. That is what we are looking at unless his offensive line improves and Wilson starts using his legs.

Two Games: This is a brief complaint with the schedulers of the NFL. Can we please have more than two games during the late game period. There were 8 games on in the early time slot and only 2 in the late time slot. As an avid NFL RedZone watcher on Sunday afternoons, it is extremely annoying. I don’t understand why the schedule is that unbalanced. It happens every year and there has to be a way to correct this. Okay, I’m done.

Sunday Night Football Rookie Battle: Last night’s Sunday Night Football game was awesome. Two rookie QBs dueling it out in Dallas. Carson Wentz looks like he is going to be the real deal. He has a rocket arm. Sometimes, I think he throws the ball so hard that his receivers are scared to catch it. Most of his incompletions last night were due to drops by his receivers than they were poor throws by him. If the Eagles can get him an elite WR, I think Wentz will become an elite NFL QB eventually. Prescott struggled early. I saw people talking about the return of Romo on twitter. He was able to shut them up by the end of the game, taking his team on two huge drives during the second half ending with touchdowns to Dez Bryant and Jason Witten. That game was very fun to watch and looks like it will become a long-standing rivalry in that division.

Extra Antics: There were some funny moments on and off the field on Sunday. The first one happened in New Orleans after the Seahawks scored a defensive touchdown. Earl Thomas decided to get a little intimate with a referee.


The ref did crack a little smile, but it didn’t stop him from flagging the Seahawks safety for 15 yards for an invasion of privacy bubble.

Speaking of invasions, check out what hit the field in Buffalo during the Patriots game.

Yes, that is a sex toy in Buffalo. Thrown on the 2 yard-line. Tom Brady’s response when asked in a press conference about it yesterday, “Only in Buffalo would someone throw a sex toy onto the field.” The best was the referee reaction.

And then finally, what on earth was Cam Newton wearing during his press conference. I just don’t get it.


Check out those shoes. I guess he was just getting ready a day early for Halloween.

Have a Great Monday Y’all!

As always, feel free to contact us on twitter at No_HuddleFFB with any questions


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