The Bartering System: Week 9

by Chris Foster

This article will feature players that are worth bartering or trading each week. One of the best things about fantasy football is making that perfect trade that sets you up for several wins down the road. Trading fantasy football players are no different than trying to trade stock on the actual stock market. The best way to execute that trade is to invest in a player when their stock is low, and dispose of players when their stock is high. The key element in this is recognizing what players tend to keep constant at their stock level and rack up on the ones who hold an above average stock level constantly. The opposite is also true; try to limit the players that you have who hold a below average stock level constantly. The trick is to flip these below average players when they perform well for a few weeks and collect the players who underperform their usual constant level over that same time. It’s easier than it sounds if you just follow the advice below.

Invest Low: (Players to invest in while their stock is lower)


Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers): The Panthers have struggled this season and much of their struggle rest behind the arm and legs of Cameron Newton. He has been very hit or miss this season. He had a strong week 2 weeks ago against New Orleans, but then their bye week hit and he struggled last week against the Arizona Cardinals. I think that this is the point where you can scoop Newton from his owner before he finishes the season strong. The schedule sets up well for him to score a ton of points outside of a Week 10 matchup with Kansas City and week 13 matchup against Seattle.

Running Backs:

Spencer Ware (Kansas City Chiefs): Ware missed the most of the game on Sunday with a concussion. It is likely that he could miss this week as well. If the owner of Spencer Ware is in serious need of immediate help at running back, now may be the time to grab him. Ware has been stellar this season, and with Jamaal Charles headed to the IR, his workload should stay consistent from this point forward and could finish the season as a strong RB1.

LeSean McCoy (Buffalo Bills): You are going to have a two week period to get this deal done. It is likely that McCoy doesn’t play this week against Seattle. Even if he does, it is likely that he will split carries or even struggle against a tough Seattle defense. He then gets a bye week after the Seattle game. Hopefully, that gives him enough time to fully recover from his hamstring injury. McCoy then has one of the most RB friendly schedules down the stretch and is someone that you are going to want to own. You have two weeks to get the deal done.

Wide Receivers:

DeAndre Hopkins (Green Bay Packers): I said this last week about Hopkins and I still think it is going to be true, I can’t believe I am saying this again. Most of this season I have been such a proponent for getting rid of DeAndre Hopkins. For the first time all year, I think it is time to buy! You can get him for literal pennies on the dollar. He has seen 36 targets in the last 3 games and I think, repeat, I think that Osweiler is becoming more viable as a QB option in Houston. Plus, they play in the worst division in football and their upcoming schedule and playoff schedule is super friendly to wide receivers. I mean seriously, listen to these secondaries he gets to face the remaining of the year: Detroit, Jacksonville, Oakland, San Diego, Green Bay, Indianapolis, and Jacksonville again. The cat is no less talented, buy him up now, but know he is on his bye this week which could make it easier to get him.

Kelvin Benjamin (Carolina Panthers): Consistency is one of the most important things in fantasy football. It is what good owners care about more than anything else. They would typically rather have someone who is consistent on a weekly basis than someone who is going to be a boom/bust play each week. It is important for me as a fantasy advisor to hold that same consistency, and if I think that Cam Newton is going to be strong down the stretch, then I also think Kelvin Benjamin will as well. Benjamin hasn’t been all that productive over the last few weeks, but mainly because he hasn’t found the endzone. He scored 4 touchdowns in the first 4 games but hasn’t scored since. He is still garnering a ton of targets this season in all but 2 games, those 2 games, Arizona and Minnesota. Which is understandable. He finishes with a pretty good schedule down the stretch

TY Hilton (Indianapolis Colts): Hilton has been super consistent all year long with the exception of last week. Donte Moncrief was back from injury last week for the first time in several weeks. Hilton owners may be scared by this correlation. With Moncrief back, he had 6 targets but was only able to haul in 1 catch for 20 yards. The first game of the season, when Moncrief was healthy, Hilton still saw 12 targets. We all know that Andrew Luck loves to throw the ball, and I think that he can feed both Moncrief and Hilton, so go buy Hilton now after a poor week.

Tight Ends:

Greg Olsen (Carolina Panthers): Remember, consistency. If Cam is on the rise, so is his receiving corps. I think Benjamin and Olsen will be the biggest recipients of Cam’s improved play. Olsen had just 1 catch on 3 targets last week. Don’t let that scare you off, Olsen is still one of the best tight ends in the game and has one of the best quarterbacks in the league throwing to him. This isn’t a pattern, more of a mirage. Feel confident in acquiring Olsen.


Dispose High: (Players to dispose of while their stock is higher)


Blake Bortles (Jacksonville Jaguars): If you have held onto Blake Bortles all year upset that you drafted him to be your QB1, you finally got your wish last Thursday night. It had nothing to do with how good his team was playing, but about how he racks up garbage time yards and touchdowns better than any QB in the league. Now that he has given you some good numbers, it may be the only time you have a chance to move him.

Running Backs:

Jonathan Stewart (Carolina Panthers): Hey, I have the other three Panthers on this list, so why not add a fourth. If the passing game improves so much, the rushing game must take a hit. Although, I don’t think Stewart will have a bad second half, I just don’t think that he will continue to produce at the level he is now. He has had 80+ yards in each of his last 2 games and scored 4 touchdowns. That production will not continue. Not only that, but I have a fear of Stewart will get dinged up again and miss more time, so sell him while he is hot!

Jeremy Hill (Cincinnati Bengals): Lucky for us Jeremy Hill had another pretty good game last week in London. Which means if you didn’t sell him last week, it gives you, even more evidence to make that sell this week after his 76 yard, 1 touchdown performance. If you haven’t, you should read what I said about Jeremy Hill in my Monday’s Reflections article last week. If you do that, you will know exactly why he is on this list. He is the most frustrating and unpredictable player in the league. You don’t think so? Well, you obviously didn’t click that link and go read the article.

Wide Receivers:

Jordan Matthews (Philadelphia Eagles): Matthews has been the definition of inconsistent this season. Matthews has received double-digit targets twice this season, his stat line from those two games is 18 receptions, 179 yards, and 2 touchdowns. The issue is that I don’t think he will continue to get that target volume from Carson Wentz. Now is the time to sell Matthews.

Stefon Diggs (Minnesota Vikings): We had a good debate on Stefon Diggs in our week 3 Four Corner Debate (click that link and go read what we said about him). As you can see I was the only one not bordering the Stefon Diggs train, and up to this point in the season I have been right. Last week, fully recovered from injury, Diggs had 13 targets, 8 receptions for 76 yards, and a touchdown. A very nice performance. Yet, I still think what I wrote all the way back in week 3 is true. If you can sell Diggs as WR1 value do it now.

Tight Ends:

Vernon Davis (Washington Redskins): Davis proved me wrong last week, which means we have one more week to sell him. In London, with Jordan Reed back he was able to compile 93 yards on 5 receptions. Davis is nothing but a replacement player that you likely grabbed off waivers. If you can turn and trade him for anything of value I would suggest doing so.

As always, please feel free to give us a shout on Twitter @No_HuddleFFB if you have any questions or concerns regarding your lineup or just want to chat about fantasy football. Best of luck this week!


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