The Four Corner Debate: Week 11

Have you ever been sitting around the room discussing fantasy football when you and your buddies mention a player that you have differing opinions on? It happens all the time. Every Friday we want to bring you four players that owners are unsure about and have varying opinions on. The Four Corner Debate will have each of our writers here at NoHuddle give you their personal opinion on each of the four players listed. Four players, Four writers. Differing opinions.

The contestants for this week’s Four Corner Debate are:

  • Lamar Miller
  • Carlos Hyde
  • Ty Montgomery
  • Tyrell Williams

Lamar Miller (Houston Texans):

Critt: Lamar Miller is currently in a 50-50 time share with Akeem Hunt and Alfred Blue. He started the season getting an average of 50 snaps a game. The last 3 weeks he is only seeing about 27 snaps a game. That is 38% of the team’s snaps. Some of this is due to shoulder and ankle injuries he suffered in prior weeks. His fellow running back Akeem Hunt had 8 carries for 52 yards last week, and it is likely they continue to work him into the equation. The bad news for Miller is also that his QB stinks, Brock Osweiler has been one of the worst QBs in the league this season and it takes effect on the whole offense. Miller’s one saving grace is that his remaining schedule is extremely favorable. He gets Oakland and San Diego in the next two weeks. Following that, he gets Green Bay, who has been gashed by running backs the last two weeks. Then in the fantasy playoffs, he gets Indy, Jacksonville, and Cincinnati. All of those matchups work in his favor. He will finish the year as a low RB1.

Byron: Isn’t it crazy how much of a negative impact Brock Osweiler has had on this offense this year? Lamar Miller seemed to be destined for a breakout year after being perpetually underutilized in Miami. DeAndre Hopkins was primed for another big season because he would finally have some sort of consistency at the quarterback position. And then we started seeing Osweiler for what he is. Matt Cassell 2.0. What’s unfortunate is Lamar Miller hasn’t been particularly bad. He’s on pace for over 1,100 yards this season and has a stranglehold on the carries in the Houston backfield. What’s killed his fantasy production is touchdowns as he’s only found the end zone three times through ten games this season. That’s what happens when you have a quarterback that has games where he fails to throw for more than 100 yards. At this point in the year, you’re basically stuck playing Miller each week, but I think he’ll finish the season strong. He’s got some advantageous matchups over the next several weeks in the Raiders, Chargers, Colts, and Jaguars. Roll him out there and cross your fingers. 

D-Hall: Ok. Ok. I know. I said that Lamar Miller would be the top back in the NFL in PPR format this year.  In my defense, the way that the Texans have used Miller in the passing game this year has been criminal. He has 22 receptions, but of 5.4 yards per catch. That’s down from 8.4 yards per catch with the Dolphins last year. Let’s point fingers, shall we. This is solely Brock Osweiler’s fault. Brock’s inability to find any consistency in the passing game has made the Texan’s offense sputter. Miller has also not been very effective at finding the end zone this year. He’s only found pay dirt rushing 2 times all year. He’s tied with Blaine Gabbart in that category. Miller also has lacked explosive plays having only 3 runs of 20+ yards. If Miller can start to find the end zone and pick up a few more yards after the catch he will probably finish as a top five back still. You must keep this guy in your lineup. Even with all the bad stuff above I’m still going to ride it out here and hope they can find some consistency moving forward.

Derk: So it’s that time again where we review Lamar Miller and how he’s fared since the last time we talked about him. I should reiterate that I have him…still. Even after I told you to be done here and just trade him. He did have a real nice game against the Colts where he blew up for 29.5 points in .5 PPR leagues. Since he’s had 27.5 points in 3 games…sigh. Broncos, Lions, and Jaguars were the teams he was subpar against. I should say that it’s not lost on me that he’s been injured. He has been. I’m not disregarding that at all. I’m just incredibly sad that this season has been a disappointment for him. Even with him being the #13 RB in .5 point leagues, it’s still a disappointment. Here’s the silver lining, though, the Raiders, Chargers, Packers, Colts, Jaguars, and Bengals remain on the schedule. Except for the Packers, his next 6 games are against opponents that rank outside the top 15 against RBs. So…I’m glad I didn’t trade him and you should be glad, too. I think he has an opportunity to gain ground and finish as a top 10 back this year…praying for top 5.

Carlos Hyde (San Francisco 49ers):

Critt: I have never been a huge fan of Hyde. He was just dreadful last week returning from his shoulder injury, he had 13 carries for 14 yards. He has appeared several times in my Bartering Systems articles in the dispose column. In his 2 1/2 year career, Hyde has played 28 games and only rushed for over 100 yards twice. He has also only scored multiple touchdowns in a game 3 times and has never had a receiving touchdown in his career. The first two years of his career he averaged modest 4 yards per carry, this season he is down nearly a half a yard to 3.5. It is also clear that in his young career, he has been best early in the season, and as the season goes on he gets banged up and wears down. Hyde will be a low RB2/Flex play the rest of the season. If he has another big game, try to trade him.

Byron: If you played Carlos Hyde last week you should’ve known better. He looked like a guy that was playing in his first game back from injury and you could tell he wasn’t quite 100%. When healthy Hyde is arguably the most talented player in San Francisco’s offense. The running ability Colin Kaepernick possesses diminishes his value a bit, but I think Hyde still has a few strong games left in him this season. Before getting injured back in week six he had scored six touchdowns through the first five games and had over 70 rushing yards in all but one contest. I don’t know that I’m starting Hyde this week against an angry New England defense, but he does have some pretty solid matchups down the stretch. I think he’ll get back on track sooner rather than later. 

D-Hall: The curious case of Carlos Hyde. Coming out of college he looked like he would be Frank Gore 2.0. Running behind a massive O-line with the like of Joe Staley, Mike Iupati, and Anthony Davis. But those days are gone now. Only Staley remains out of that bunch and now Hyde is running behind the like of Zane Beadles, Andrew Tiller, and Trent Brown. He also should contend with Colin Kaepernick being in the backfield with him and taking a few carries himself, especially in the red zone. I like Carlos Hyde the running back. I think that he has all the attributes that you look for in a productive NFL RB. I do not like his situation. He is on a terrible team that will be playing from behind most games. If you moved him to the Vikings I think he’s a top 10 fantasy back. With the Niners, he is relegated to RB2/flex status.

Derk: Hate him. I wish Critter would just let me write those two words and be done. The guy has been banged up. One could argue that maybe he’s not in the best system for his skill set, that is until you look at his numbers when he really gets going. Doesn’t have the best QB to keep the defense honest and outside the box. I could probably keep going and making excuses. The reality is this cat is the type that needs the rock about 20 times to truly flash and win you games. He wasn’t efficient this past game because he was clearly still dealing with that shoulder injury. With all that being said, you need to look elsewhere for the foreseeable future. His upcoming schedule is brutal aside from the Falcons in week 15. I’m not starting him against the Patriots. Lord knows they will demolish the 49ers. If you’ve got him, I feel bad for you. Trade him if you can. Maybe couple him with a receiver for a Robert Kelley type.

Ty Montgomery (Green Bay Packers):

Critt: This one is hard. The Packers have been so much more productive in games with Montgomery in the backfield. He has a higher yard per carry average than anyone else who has played RB for the packers. Think about this, the Packers have 0 touchdowns on the ground from the running back position this season! Wow! Prior to his new role, he was a desperation flex. Now with Starks back and the newly acquired Christine Michael, it looks like Montgomery could be pushed closer to his weekly status that he had before as a desperation flex. If I am the Packers coaching staff, the theory of rational coaching says you should get Montgomery more involved, unfortunately, coaches aren’t always rational. Assume he is a flex at best going forward.

Byron: Whelp, it was fun while it lasted. The hope was that Montgomery could impress enough to continue to see a starter’s workload after James Starks made it back from injury, but that was certainly not the case against the Titans on Sunday. What we saw out of Montgomery back in week seven against Chicago was an intriguing situation. The wide receiver turned running back rushed for 60 yards on nine carries and caught ten passes for 66 yards. A duel threat like that was something to definitely keep an eye on. However, Montgomery has only ten carries for 62 yards over the last two weeks and has seemingly surrendered the bulk of the carries to James Starks. Furthermore, the Packers went out and signed Christine Michael this week as well, which tells me the coaching staff isn’t very comfortable with their current running back situation. Michael won’t play immediately but expect to see him get involved over the next couple of weeks. 

D-Hall: A lot of people will be in a rush to sell Montgomery with the James starks coming back and the recent signing of Christine Michael. Not so fast my friend. I like what Montgomery has shown the Packers this season. He has a burst, he’s sudden, and he catches the ball well. Remind you of anyone. Paging Randall Cobb. When I watch Montgomery play it reminds me of a smaller Cobb. Their game is similar to me. If I’m in a dynasty league, I’m holding on to Montgomery for a while. Even if I’m in a standard scoring league I’m holding on to him to see how the packers are going to use him moving forward. He may be a good spot start flex play potentially.

Derk: I think the honeymoon is over here. The guy had a fantastic run as he starting RB for the Packers and he did a bang up job. I think the guy is more injured than we think, hence, the production as of late. He has a lot of value when he’s healthy and playing a large role. With James Starks being back and the recent signing of Christine Michael, I think you can bench him for the foreseeable future and feel confident about it. His schedule is frightening, too, and if you decided to drop him, I wouldn’t call you crazy. Redskins, Eagles, Texans, Seahawks, Bears and the Vikings are who he’s up against in succession. In that stretch, I’d maybe play him in the flex spot against the Texans and the Redskins. Past that, good luck. I’ve got him and plan to drop him for Sammy Watkins who is owned in 32.6% of leagues currently!

Tyrell Williams (San Diego Chargers): 

Critt: Tyrell Williams is ranked as the #8 wide receiver in the league in standard scoring since week 5. Think about that. No one is treating him in that manner. Part of the issue is that since week 5 he has laid two eggs. He had 3 catches for 28 yards in week 6 and just 1 catch for 4 yards in week 8. The other weeks since week 5 he has been sensational. He continues to get the volume as well, in the last 4 weeks he has seen 34 targets come his way. It may sound crazy, but I think with the easy schedule in front of him, that Tyrell Williams finishes the season as a low WR1.

Byron: You have to feel for the Travis Benjamin owners out there. They thought they had struck gold after he exploded for 115 yards and two touchdowns just one week after the Chargers lost Keenan Allen for the season. Unfortunately, that was by far his best game of the season as Benjamin has only been able to pass the 100 yard just one other time this year. Nagging injuries have opened the door for Tyrell Williams, and he seems to have the number one receiving job locked up. Over the last six games, San Diego has had the unfortunate opportunity to face Denver twice, and Williams struggled in both contests. However, if we look at the other four games where he was not facing one of the league’s best defenses we see a receiver that should be started each week. Over those four games, Williams has 447 yards and three touchdowns on 23 receptions. He’s definitely the receiver to own in San Diego because of the solid chemistry he’s developed with Phillip Rivers. The Chargers have an amazing fantasy playoff schedule as they play the Buccaneers, Panthers, Raiders, and Browns over the last four weeks. Williams is going to be a key guy in a lot of people’s championship run. 

D-Hall: When I was first going to write this out I was going to just say “Nah”. I did not want to blindly just be out on someone without investigating them further so I dug in. I was pretty surprised. Tyrell Williams is basically the Chargers number 1 receiver. He is in on 80% or so of the snaps. He has 14 red zone targets and 9 red zone receptions. I would have to say that if I wanted a Charger’s receiver moving forward I would want Tyrell Williams. He has topped 100 yards 3 times this year and had 5+ receptions 6 times. I like him moving forward as a WR2.

Derk: Love Tyrell Williams. I’ve said since day 1! I actually picked him up in the offseason in our dynasty league and then dropped him for some jabroni that didn’t pan out. I’m so confident in this guys I refuse to look at his upcoming schedule to change my mind. Ok…I looked at his schedule just now. My mind didn’t change. The Texans are the only ones are the least bit intimidating! I cannot believe the season this guy has had. A relative unknown who has the skill set to be elite at the NFL level. Sound familiar? Vincent Jackson. You know who loves Vincent Jackson? No, not Jameis Winston. Phillip Rivers! If you’ve got him, I’m jealous. If you’ve got him and we’re in the same league, I’ll trade you Deandre Hopkins and Todd Gurley for him!

As always feel free to contact us on twitter @No_HuddleFFB with questions.

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