Monday’s Reflections: Week 11

by Chris Foster

After sitting down and watching football literally all day on Sunday, it often leaves me with several reflections on the day’s events. In this piece every week, I will chronicle those reflections.

The Redskins:  “You like that!” Before the game last night, many were bring up that Kirk Cousins needed to find a way to make the playoffs to hopefully get a new contract and have the Redskins commit to him as their long term QB. It looked bleak as they had to take on the Packers, who are struggling, but it was still the Packers. Cousins put together the best game he has had all season throwing for 375 yards and 3 touchdowns. He was also aided by newly cemented started Rob Kelley who finished with 137 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns of his own. Not bad for a guy that introduced himself as “Fat Rob” on Sunday Night Football! Jamison Crowder and fellow receiver Pierre Garcon also had big days, both had over 100 yards receiving with a touchdown. The win puts the Redskins into the second wildcard position 6 weeks to go!

David Johnson: Next year is going to be so much fun to see who wins out in the battle of #1 overall pick. David Johnson or Ezekiel Elliot. For whatever reason, I still feel like David Johnson is overlooked by so many casual fans of the NFL. Of course, those that follow fantasy football closely know he is, but I am not sure many casual fans realize the type numbers he produces. Since David Johnson started actually playing a majority of the snaps for the Cardinals in Week 13 of 2015, he has been unreal. He has over 100 yards from scrimmage in every game since Week 13 except 1, including every game this season. I understand why Zeke gets the most press coverage, but David Johnson is the best running back in the league!

The Seahawks: Well, 3 weeks ago the Seahawks were struggling on offense and people were getting really worried if they could even make the playoffs. Now, Russell Wilson is back and the offense is cooking. His mobility seems to be back and that opens up the whole offense for the Seattle Seahawks. It is also clear that he is nearly back to full health when the call a play for him to go out as a receiver and catch a touchdown pass. If you missed that one, here it is:


Pretty dang good throw by Doug Baldwin as he was getting hit! With as good as the Seattle defense is, it is not good for their fellow NFC opponents to see their offense start clicking as well!

AJ Green and Gio Bernard: How many fantasy matchups were lost this weekend on the back of an AJ Green injury. First off, and I talked about this in our first Monday’s Reflection of the season after Keenan Allen got hurt, but sometimes we forget that these guys are real people as well. I feel awful for AJ Green, as well as Gio Bernard. I wish both of them the speediest of recoveries. The injuries will be devastating for the Bengals offense going forward, though. Those are probably their best two playmakers that they will lose for the season. Green was in obvious pain when he went down on his route Sunday afternoon.

From a fantasy standpoint, it could cripple many teams as well. I know I talked to a couple of different people who were in the midst of playoff races that lost Green this weekend and know that they virtually have no shot now. If you are in a keeper league or dynasty formatted league and you think you could win it all this year if you had Green, it is a possibility to try to move him before your trade deadline to a team that is out of the playoff race. He would obviously yield a solid return and would be highly sought after in a dynasty format or keeper league by a non-playoff team. Something to think about on both sides of the equation.

Rishard Matthews: Maybe, I was wrong about Rishard Matthews. Maybe, I underestimated Marcus Mariota. I am not sure. I had Matthews in my dispose column last week in my Bartering Systems article. I didn’t like the fact that most of his productions had come on so few receptions and targets. I said that it just wasn’t sustainable. I still don’t think it is, but he proved me wrong in week 11 at least. Matthews had 9 receptions for 122 yards against a weak Colts secondary. I have stated since about Week 6 that I loved Marcus Mariota down the stretch, and maybe if that is true, which it has been, I need to adjust my love for Rishard Matthews as well. I think I will give it one more week, though.

Also, can we just get rid of kickers, please!! A record 12 missed Extra Points and Field Goals this weekend!


There are 12 more of those, but I will just leave you with that one!

Have a Great Monday Y’all!

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