Monday’s Reflections: Week 12

by Chris Foster

After sitting down and watching football literally all weekend, it often leaves me with several reflections on the day’s events. In this piece every week, I will chronicle those reflections.

Dak and Zeke: Has there ever been a better rookie combination. I am not sure there has been. I have literally been racking my brain trying to think of a better one. Dak Prescott is ranked as the #6 ranked fantasy QB so far this season, and is ranked in the top 3 since week 8! His play has been so remarkable that it has sent Cowboy legend Tony Romo packing. Then there is Zeke, he is on pace to challenge the rookie rushing record of Eric Dickerson. He is currently the #2 fantasy RB in the league behind only David Johnson. Yet, much like Dak, he has only gotten better, he is the #1 ranked RB in the league since week 7. We are watching something special with this duo!

Crazy Play: What a weird ending to the Ravens and Bengals game. Obviously, we all understand the rule that a game cannot end on a defensive penalty. However, the same cannot be said for an offensive penalty. So, when the Ravens were called for holding on the last play of this game, it could not be accepted by the Bengals because time had expired. Punter Sam Koch had ran around the end zone and eventually out of the back of it on the last play of the game! Check out how wacky this is, but I bet there will be a rule change in the near future.

Colin Kaepernick: Put your personal feelings for Colin Kaepernick aside. He has been nothing short of great over the last 4 weeks. It would shock many people to know that if you took the Top 5 Quarterbacks since week 9, Kaepernick would be ranked #2. The 49ers success under Kaepernick has changed that much, but his numbers have been incredible. He has rushed for over 220 yards in the last 4 weeks as well as threw for over 1100 yards in that time span. If you took his rushing alone in the last 4 weeks there would only be 15 running backs with more yards than him. That is crazy! He has basically been an RB2 playing QB over that stretch. I featured him in this week’s Down to the Wire article and talked about how vulnerable his final stretch is, it may be worth looking into getting Kaepernick for the playoffs.

Tyreek Hill: This kid has been pretty amazing over the last 6 weeks. Over that time he is averaging nearly 14 fantasy points per game. The kid can do it all. He returns punts and kickoffs, catches the ball, and now is being handed to football as well. According to NFL Research, last night was the first time since 1965 that a player had a rushing TD, receiving TD, and returned a kickoff for a touchdown since the great Gale Sayers. The Speedster is so fast that he even had time to high-five his teammate on the way to the end zone.


The kid has become the go-to player in the Kansas City offense, and all of his efforts last night were rewarded when his teammate Cario Santos banked in a field goal to win in overtime.


My favorite part of the whole thing is the mascot falling out near the goalpost once he realizes the kick was good!


My favorite was the reaction of punter/holder Dustin Colquitt.

Tyreek Hill is going to be fun to watch!


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