Monday’s Reflections: Week 13

After sitting down and watching football literally all weekend, it often leaves me with several reflections on the day’s events. In this piece every week, I will chronicle those reflections.

Drew Brees: It has been well documented in Drew Brees time as a Saint that he has been a much better QB at home than on the road. This season, Brees has been better on the road than he has in the past, but he has still been dynamic at home. Coming off of a stellar performance against the Rams in the Dome, it looked like Brees should have a huge day once again against a weak Lions secondary. However, Brees his worst day of the season. He managed to throw for 326 yards, had 3 interceptions and 0 touchdowns on the afternoon. I imagine that there were many Drew Brees owner’s on Sunday that needed a big performance to help lift themselves into your league’s fantasy football playoffs and Brees left you hanging. Rough time to own Brees and have him struggle like he did, at home of all places.

Detroit Lions: Speaking of Drew Brees, man, the credit has to be given to the 1st place Detroit Lions! That’s right, 1st place Detroit Lions. They Lions are probably one of the least talked about teams in the NFL right now, but they are playing really well. There win on Sunday marked the first time this season that the Lions have not had a come from behind victory. Every other win they have had this season, they have fought from behind. As mentioned above, they were able to shut down Drew Brees in the Mercedes Super Dome, and very few teams are ever able to accomplish that feat. The Lions move to 8-4 and now hold a 2 game lead in the NFC North. Hats off the most underrated team in football.

Eric Berry: What a story this guy is! He missed basically his whole 2014 season battling cancer. Makes a return to the NFL in 2015 and makes the pro-bowl team! Then in week 13 of the 2016 season, he makes a return trip to his home state of Georgia where he has a pick 6 that he returns for a touchdown! Then in the last minute of the game, the Falcons scored a touchdown to go ahead 28-27. Making the right call, they decide to go for the 2-point conversion to make it a 30-27 lead. As Matt Ryan dropped back on the 2-point conversion, Eric Berry again read it perfectly, and this is what happened.


That return for 2 points made the game Chiefs 29- Falcons 28 and that was the final. What a story for this guy!

David Johnson: This past weekend David Johnson solidified for me that he was the #1 player in fantasy football in the NFL. Yesterday, Johnson had 18 carries for 84 yards and a touchdown. Those are great numbers for a running back. 14 fantasy points. But wait, he had more. He also had 9 receptions for 91 and a touchdown in addition to those rushing stats. That would be good enough for 19.5 points in a half point PPR leagues as a wide receiver alone. So, in the same game, he basically put up good enough numbers to be a WR1 and a RB1 all in 1 game. Johnson can do it all, he is pretty special.

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens were off to a fast start to begin the season, and then they hit a few bumps in the road. Yet, the last 2 weeks the Ravens have been good, yesterday, they played their best 60 minutes of football. They are now 7-5 and are tied with the Steelers for the best record in the AFC North. Joe Flacco threw for over 381 yards and 4 touchdowns while annihilating the 7-4, now 7-5 Miami Dolphins. Both Baltimore running backs, Terrence West and Kenneth Dixon, looked very good as well. Dennis Pitta finally found the end zone a couple of times and youngster Breshad Perriman showed off his agility on a long TD run after the catch. The Ravens may be heating up at the right time!


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