Down to the Wire: Week 15

by Chris Foster

Each week we will take a look at players who are more than likely on your waiver wire that can be added to your team and help you this week. One of the biggest complaints with waiver wire add articles is that many of these guys are not available in your league. Using ESPN’s ownership statistics, everyone mentioned in this article has 50% or lower ownership status. This article will be divided into two parts, standard and deep leagues. The players in the deeper league wire are typically guys that you can stash that have upside. If you use a Free Agent Auction Bidding (FAAB) system, in parenthesis will be the percentage of your budget we would use on each player. In those type leagues, know the bidding history of your opponents and adjust accordingly. Players are ranked in order by their position.

Since Down to the Wire only highlights players who are owned by less than half of owners in ESPN leagues, I first want to give you a list of guys who are only owned in 50-75% of leagues that would be premium adds over any other player in most circumstances (depending on your positional needs). (Percentage owned in parentheses)

**As we head into Week 15 it is likely your playoffs! Make sure to get those handcuffs and be ready for your playoff run, they are more important than just about anyone on this list! Check out the Bartering System Article for Week 13 for more info! **


  1. Andy Dalton (61.8%)
  2. Tyrod Taylor (58.8%)
  3. Blake Bortles (58.2%)

Running Back

  1. Ryan Mathews (71.9%)
  2. Tim Hightower (68.5%)
  3. Dion Lewis (51.3%)
  4. TJ Yeldon (58.7%)
  5. Duke Johnson Jr. (56.2%)
  6. Jerrick McKinnon (57.6%)

Wide Receiver

  1. Tyreek Hill (61.1%)
  2. Taylor Gabriel (50.7%)
  3. Malcolm Mitchell (51.6%)
  4. Steve Smith Sr. (73.4%)
  5. Alshon Jeffery (63.7%)
  6. Sammy Watkins (73.5%)
  7. Rishard Matthews (71.6%)
  8. Cole Beasley (60.9%)
  9. Sterling Shepard (71.6%)
  10. Kenny Britt (65.8%)
  11. DeVante Parker (55.3%)
  12. Mike Wallace (73.6%)
  13. Jeremy Maclin (69.8%)

Tight End

  1. CJ Fiedorowicz (56.7%)
  2. Cameron Brate (50.6%)
  3. Ladarius Green (53.9%)
  4. Coby Fleener (64.8%)

*** WEEK 15 WAIVER WIRE ADDS***– If you are preparing to make a playoff run, it is imperative that you start grabbing your handcuffs to your top backs. We will have a fill list of handcuffs to own in the playoffs. If you are in a dynasty league, now is the time to start grabbing any rookies and future prospects as well!***

*** It is also time to spend that FAAB, no reason to hold onto it, so be aggressive when bidding! If the Bids seem high, it’s because now is the time to spend money, you can’t keep it!!***

Standard League Adds:

Running Backs

RB Bilal Powell (37.1% owned)(FAAB 100%): Bilal Powell has been in this waiver report many times over the course of the season. I always ended by saying something like this “Powell is extremely talented, but he has very little value while Matt Forte is healthy.” Well, now Forte is hurt and you should spend every last penny to acquire Powell.

RB Kenneth Dix0n (45.9% owned)(FAAB 50+%): It is official, the Ravens backfield now belongs to Kenneth Dixon.  **PPR SPECIAL**

RB Kenneth Farrow (0.5% owned)(FAAB 50+%): This is a scary situation. I don’t think Farrow is overly talented but he appears to be next in line for the job if Melvin Gordon can’t go. It is also worth monitoring Ronnie Hillman as well.

RB Dwayne Washington (5.8% owned)(FAAB 25-45%): Washington got a ton of work with Theo Riddick out on Sunday. He had 16 carries for 64 yards. He doesn’t have a great matchup this coming week, but if Riddick were to be out again he could be a flex play.

RB Derrick Henry (45% owned)(FAAB 20-40%): Henry is a very similar story to Bilal Powell. If Murray goes down he is a top 5 RB. He is a desperate flex otherwise.

RB Matt Asiata (44% owned)(FAAB 15-25%): Here is what I like about Matt Asiata, he is super consistent. Over the last 10 games he has averaged 7 points per game and tends to score between 7-9 every game. He has 2 games of 3 points and 1 game of 15 points. He is more of a flex/desperate flex play. Not a very high ceiling, but he has a high floor.

RB Adrian Peterson (44.8% owned)(FAAB 15-25%): Peterson said this week that he is aiming at a week 16 return. That would put him back in time for your championship matchup. Even with that return date, I wouldn’t feel comfortable using him as more than a flex play.

RB Christine Michael (43% owned)(FAAB 15-25%): Michael seems to have over taken James Starks in the Green Bay backfield. He is now battling Ty Montgomery. Michael had 10 carries for 36 yards on Sunday and Montgomery had 9 for 41 and a touchdown. He isn’t anything more than a desperate flex play, but is worth monitoring.

RB Charles Sims (12.2% owned)(FAAB 10-20%): Sims came back and resumed his role as the receiving and change of pace back. I don’t see him finishing above a desperate flex play in the next 2 weeks.

RB James White (48.2% owned)(FAAB 10-20%): He had a good night on Monday through the air, but his use is so sporatic and tied to game script. Desperate flex play. **PPR SPECIAL**

Wide Receivers

RB/WR Ty Montgomery (34.9% owned)(FAAB 50+%): I said weeks ago that the Packers were so much better with this guy in the backfield. It looks like they are starting to realize that as well!

WR Dontrelle Inman (27% owned)(FAAB 25-35%): Inman continues to make big plays week after week for the Chargers. He has 40 fantasy points in standard leagues over the last 3 weeks. He also gets the Raiders and Browns to finish the fantasy playoffs. I think he is flex worthy.

WR Pierre Garcon (43.8% owned)(FAAB 20-30%): A model of consistency is what Pierre Garcon has become. He has over 78 yards or a touchdown in all but 1 of his last 5 games. He is very much what I described when talking about Matt Asiata earlier. Pretty low ceiling, but a high floor.

WR Cameron Meredith (25.9% owned)(FAAB 15-25%): Matt Barkley obviously doesn’t have an issue throwing to Cameron Meredith. He had 6 receptions for 72 yards and a touchdown last week. He is hovering on the border of flex territory.

WR Tyler Boyd (32% owned)(FAAB 15-25%): He or LaFell is bound for a big week, it is just getting the right one into your lineup. It was Boyd this week, LaFell last week.

WR Brandon LaFell (27% owned)(FAAB 15-25%): Read Tyler Boyd.

WR Adam Thielen (19% owned)(FAAB 10-20%): He has 33 fantasy points over the last 4 weeks in standard leagues and has two good matchups remaining. He is close to a weekly flex range as well.

Deep League Adds

Running Backs

RB Justin Forsett (4.6% owned)(FAAB 5-15%): Forsett was picked up last week by the Denver Broncos. He will immediately become their #2 back after Kapri Bibbs ankle injury. He saw some work against the Titans this past week and may get more this coming one.

RB Alfred Blue (1.2% owned)(FAAB 5-10%): Blue had 16 carries for 55 yards last week. Lamar Miller is still Houston’s primary ball carrier, but Blue is seeing some time.

Wide Receivers


WR Robby Anderson (1.6% owned)(FAAB 15-25%): Back to back weeks of double digit fantasy points for Anderson. He is in desperate flex territory.

WR Marqise Lee (6.7 owned)(FAAB 5-15%): Blake Bortles has been super inconsistent, but one thing he has been consistent in doing is looking for Lee.

As always, if you have any questions about your lineup or waiver wire adds, contact us @No_HuddleFFB on twitter!

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