Monday’s Reflections: Week 15 – D.Hall Edition

by Daniel Hall

After sitting down and watching football literally all weekend, it often leaves me with several reflections on the day’s events. In this piece every week, I will chronicle those reflections

It’s my Zeke in a Pot


Courtesy of @SalvationArmyUs on Twitter.

Zeke has had a phenomenal rookie campaign. He came into Sunday as the leading rusher in the NFL and there is even talk about Zeke for MVP of the league. It is not unfounded, especially when you consider that the Cowboys are 13-2 this year and have the best record in the NFL. I have serious doubts that they are where they are without Elliott. Zeke was our pick at to finish the season as the top fantasy running back and he is proving that out every week on the field. He will likely be in the discussion as the #1 pick in next year’s fantasy draft. The Cowboys really got themselves a gem this year in Elliott and it does not look like he is slowing down anytime soon.

Jags say so long to Gus Bradley:


Courtesy of Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars stood out at the beginning of the season as a team on the brink of making a leap. Their division was not very strong. The Texans loaded up in the offseason, but did not have an identity, They Colts only have Andrew Luck, and the Titans are the Titans of course. Honestly it looked pretty open. Blake Bortles finished as a top 10 fantasy QB last year with weapons like Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns they really seemed primed. Now they are 2-12 and they have been outscored 359-260 this year. As defense was Gus Bradley’s specialty this was obviously unacceptable. They parted ways with him after their crushing one point loss to the Texans this week. Bradley will get picked up a D Coordinator somewhere in the league I’m sure. My guess would be that the Jags turn to Doug Marrone as the interim Head Coach.

Between a Brock and a hard place:

Speaking of the Texans, it looks like the Brock Osweiler experiment is over in Houston. Just months after signing a 72-million-dollar deal, with 37 million fully guaranteed, Osweiler is replaced by backup QB Tom Savage. Savage’s contract is just over 2.5 million with 300k guaranteed and he will be the starter with week 16! If the Texans do move past Osweiler, they would still be out the guaranteed 37 million (his two-year’s salary for 2016 and 2017). Brock’s hit against the cap in 2017 is $19M, $21M in 2018, and $20M in 2019 (if some incentive clauses are hit). Brock is the most expensive backup QB in the NFL though. That title belongs to instate QB Tony Romo with a cap hit of almost $21M. Everything is bigger in Texas I guess.

Don’t Burn the boats:


Courtesy of Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Adrian Peterson returned to the Vikings lineup after his long hiatus to injury. On paper, it looked like the perfect matchup as well as the Colts have struggled against the run. The Adrian Peterson of old would have had 100 yards at half time in this matchup. It’s a little different when you coming off a knee injury in the same season and your Offensive line is not what they used to be. This AP rushed for 22 yards on 6 carries. Peterson struggled this year before the injury and that only kept up after his return from knee injury. For me Adrian Peterson and Todd Gurley are my candidates for buy low in dynasty leagues. If you can get these guys on the cheap they may make a big difference in your campaign next year.

If you have a week 15 horror story to tell us about, shoot us a tweet at @No_HuddleFFB and we will share them!

Have a great Monday Y’all!

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