New Years Resolutions (Fantasy Edition)

By Daniel Hall
 As I come to the end of this year and I reflect on my 2016, I come to a point where I want to set some goals for my 2017. Get more sleep, get more exercise, eat a little better, and other cliché stuff all comes to mind quickly. I’m sure as the new year begins more subtle things will arise. After all the promise of a new year gives us hope. A clean canvas on which to start our greatest masterpiece or at least start a paint by number. If we should be so lucky to have good friends and family, a chance to deepen our bonds with them as well.
Last year I moved across the country. As some of you know from the podcast I relocated outside of Denver in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Because of my impending move, I decided to opt out of a Fantasy Football league that I had been in for more than a decade, The Legends League. Common friends/foes in this league were people that I had made bonds with, of course, over those 10 years. Draft night was the part that I would miss most. I knew that not being able to be there would hurt and with the dozen guys that make up this league now scattered throughout the county it was getting harder and harder to have a live draft anyway. So, after some deep thought, I retired from the league.
When you move across the country you find out quick that the thing that you miss the most is the community. For me, I left a lot of that community behind when I retired from the Legends League.
I can only imagine how a career in the NFL affects you as you are cut, resigned, traded, or drafted. I imagine that leaving one locker room for another is one of the more difficult things to do in that profession. Brock Osweiler made that move last year. A young and upcoming QB coming off a championship run with a team he had been with since he was drafted. The Houston Texans put a price tag on his potential to the tune of $72M. I’m sure that his new year’s resolutions revolved around championships with his new team, breaking records, and winning games. Those resolutions have now all but turned into delusions of grandeur. Brock struggled to come to grips with a new offense and, from an outside perspective, struggled to find a leadership role in his new locker room. I’m sure that his resolutions in the coming year will revolve around second chances. Maybe he should get one, after all, that’s what the new year is for.
On the other hand, there is Zeke and Dak. Two young men whose paths seem to head for superstardom. I am in awe of how they adjusted to a new team, new town, and new pressures. Zeke was a first round pick that came into the league with sky-high expectations. A workhorse running back in high school and college, Zeke would now be running behind arguably the best O-line in the NFL. Zeke has arguably surpassed those expectations. His consistency in the Cowboy running game has consolidated an offensive rookie of the year or maybe an NFL MVP nod.
As if this were not impressive enough, the Cowboy’s caught lightning in a bottle twice. After Tony Romo went down in the preseason it looked as if the Cowboy’s season was over. In steps 4th round pick Dak Prescott. The 8th Quarterback drafted in the 2016 Draft did not have the pressure of expectation that Zeke had, but he was filling in for one of his franchise’s all-time best. What does he do? Rally’s the troops in a Tom Brady-esque fashion. Dak and the ‘Boys run off a 13-2 record, clinching a playoff spot with a first round bye.
 As this year ends, you may find yourself on the Brock Osweiler end of the spectrum or maybe more kin to Zeke and Dak. No matter which, 2017 is here. Filled with new signings, new draft picks, new moves, and new goals. As we navigate through those with you here at we are thankful that you have chosen us as your community.
As we move into the offseason filled with new possibilities and unpredictable change we look forward to giving insight on Zeke, Dak, Tyreek Hill, Hunter Henry, The “K-Train” Kenneth Dixon, Brock and why he can’t get the ball to D-Hop, who we are in and out on, what defense you should be chasing, and of course who to start and sit. Because we know that fantasy football is more than a game. It brings community, it brings out competitive fires, bridges gaps of age, gender, and race and so much more. We are happy and thankful for another year of all it should offer. Personally, I can’t wait for the NoHuddleFFB Fantasy League next year. Especially bringing home the ‘Chip!

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