Chasing Defense: Season Results

by Chris Foster

If you have been “Chasing Defenses” all year with us here at NoHuddleFFB, then you are probably pretty satisfied with your results. The goal was to give you a few defenses that should be available in your league, typically owned by 20% or less,  that gave you an advantage at the defensive position each week.

Typically, the first defenses off the board in a fantasy football draft go somewhere between the 8th-12th round. Those are prime rounds in your draft in which you need to be building depth for your fantasy team. What we have done is give you a solution, don’t waste the pick on a top defense, but instead take a player that will help you win. Then, just follow our lead here at NoHuddleFFB, and we will provide you with those matchups that we think are favorable and give you the best defense to play each week.

If you followed along with us all season and made the exact plays that we chose each week, then you would have finished with the 3rd best defense in your fantasy league!! We finished the fantasy regular season (through week 13) with the 4th best defense in the league, and if you add in our work from the playoffs, you would have finished with the third best in the league. Keep in mind, that even though 2 defenses finished in front of our “Chasing Defense” strategy, hopefully, you capitalized on that pick in the 8th-12th round that your opponent wasted!

The only defense that was better were the Minnesota Vikings and the Denver Broncos (and the Broncos were only 1 point better!) Check out below how we did in Week 17 and then check out our chart below that lists our plays week by week and then compares it to your competitors who just kept their top defenses that they drafted.


Revisiting Last Week:

Bucs (v. Panthers): The Bucs were great against the Panthers in week 17. Cam Newton struggled for a second week in a row, which makes sense after he basically said that several guys on the Panthers needed to take a sabbatical after their week 16 matchup. Unfortunately, Cam forgot that they had one more week to play, and it looked like it on the field as well. They managed to score 16 points, but the Bucs picked off Newton 3 times, sacked him 3 times, and were able to score a defensive touchdown. In most standard leagues, that would have netted you somewhere around 16 points, which was as good as it got in Week 17.

Redskins (@ Giants): Our other option was the Washington Redskins. We thought that being in a must-win situation against a team that already clinched a playoff birth should yield positive results. Instead, they gave up 19 points and only managed 1 sack the entire game which was good for about 1 fantasy point in most leagues. Hopefully, in week 17, you chose the Bucs.

Pipe Dream: (Team we wish we picked up)

Bucs (v. Panthers): I love the weeks when we hit our pipe dream. To close out the season, we did just that by choosing the Bucs! They were as good as any defense around in Week 17.

Running Total:

We got to put our money where our mouth is, so here is how we have done so far this season!

  • Week 1: 49ers D vs. Rams = 14 points
  • Week 2: Ravens D vs. Browns = 10 points
  • Week 3: Dolphins D vs. Browns= 3 points
  • Week 4: Titans D vs. Texans= 5 points
  • Week 5: Dolphins D vs. Titans= 7 points
  • Week 6: Lions D vs. Rams= 2 points
  • Week 7: Dolphins D vs. Bills= 6 points
  • Week 8: Cowboys D vs. Eagles= 7 points
  • Week 9: Dolphins D vs. Jets= 13 points
  • Week 10: Redskins D vs. Vikings= 5 points
  • Week 11: Dolphins D vs. Rams= 8 points
  • Week 12: Saints D vs. Rams= 9 points
  • Week 13: Bears D vs. 49ers= 15 points (End of Regular Season= 104 PTS, 4th Best Def.)
  • Week 14: Titans D vs. Broncos= 10 Points
  • Weel 15: Redskins D vs. Panthers= 2 points
  • Week 16: 49ers D vs. Rams= 11 point
  • Week 17: Bucs D vs. Panthers= 16 points
    Total = 143 Points

Top 10 Season Defensive Totals by Team: (Standard Defensive Leagues)

  • Rank- Team- Total Defensive Points 
  1. Minnesota Vikings- 157 points
  2. Denver Broncos- 144 points
  3. Arizona Cardinals- 143 points  <– The spot our “Chasing Defense” team finished!
  4. Kansas City Chiefs- 138 points
  5. New York Giants- 130 points
  6. Philadelphia Eagles- 127 points
  7. New England Patriots- 117 points
  8. Baltimore Ravens- 116 points
  9. Seattle Seahawks- 113 points
  10. San Diego Chargers- 109 points

According to ADP (Average Draft Position) these teams were all selected before Round 12 of a typical 16 round draft:

  • Team- ADP- Final Ranking
  1. Denver Broncos-94.75- #2
  2. Seattle Seahawks-101.57- #9
  3. Arizona Cardinals-106.6- #3
  4. Carolina Panthers-112.52- #12
  5. Houston Texans-124.97- #13
  6. Kansas City Chiefs-125.02- #4
  7. Minnesota Vikings-140.30- #1
  8. New England Patriots-148.04- #7
  9. Cincinnati Bengals- 149.7- #19
  10. Los Angeles Rams-150- #23

And finally, these are some of the offensive players you could have taken from rounds 8-12 when those defenses were taken in the 2016 draft.

  • Name- ADP= Final Ranking by Position
  1. Zach Ertz- 98.45= #6 overall TE
  2. Kirk Cousins- 109.97= #5 overall QB
  3. Jay Ajayi- 112.41= #11 overall RB
  4. Jimmy Graham- 115.16=#4 overall TE
  5. Matthew Stafford-115.74= #7 overall QB
  6. LeGarrette Blount- 124.19= #8 overall RB
  7. Michael Thomas- 126.34= #7 overall WR
  8. Isaiah Crowell-128.61= #14 overall RB
  9. Matt Ryan- 130.21= #3 overall QB
  10. Tevin Coleman- 132.22= #18 overall RB
  11. Spencer Ware-137.61= #15 overall RB
  12. Dak Prescott-151.6= #6 overall QB
  13. Tyreek Hill- 157.11= #13 overall WR
  14. Rishard Matthews- 157.76=#19 overall WR
  15. Jordan Howard- 165.44= #9 overall RB
  16. Devante Adams-170.19= #10 overall WR
  17. Mike Wallace-172.25= #24 overall WR
  18. Kyle Rudolph-176.27=#2 overall TE
  19. Terrelle Pryor-184.8= #21 overall WR
  20. Jamison Crowder -208.11= #25 overall WR

Those are 20 players who finished as starters at their positions throughout the season that you could have selected instead of selecting a defense with your 8th-12th round pick! That list includes guys that finished in the top 10 and even top 5 of their position and were consistent all year!

If you didn’t buy into “Chasing Defense” this season, then don’t make that same mistake again next year!

Thanks for following and don’t forget you can always hit us up at @No_HuddleFFB on twitter!



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