Overs, Unders, Lines O’ my! Week 1 Gambling Picks

Well, well, well, I hope that you have been building up enough good grace and karma with your significant other because football season is upon us. Not just football season, but Bookie Best Friend Season as well for all my gamblers out there.  I hope they do not mind the fact that they , guaranteed, will not get your full undivided attention for the next 4 months.  Football is only one day away! We are literally less than 24 hours out from opening kickoff of the 2017 season. This year, I am going to provide you with my gambling picks and some Over/Under selections for each week of the NFL regular season, playoffs, and most importantly the Super Bowl. A prop better’s wet dream. All lines will be the Wednesday odds released that morning via Betdsi.eu. Alright, let’s do this.


New York Jets at Buffalo Bills.      Taking Buffalo at -9.5

The New York Jets are a hot pick to go 0-16. I like Buffalo after Tyrod was cleared today to play.

Atlanta Falcons at Chicago Bears.     Taking Atlanta at -7

Atlanta is going to have a Super Bowl hangover. This I can guarantee. The Bears are not going to be very good. This I can also guarantee

Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans.    Taking Houston at -5.5

Lowest Over/Under line this week at 39.5. Loving the OVER

I believe Tom Savage will not be the QB by the end of the season. This is going to be an emotional game for Houston. I like them in the opener.

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins. Taking Philadelphia at -1

Pretty much a pick em game with the 1 point line. I think the Eagles are better this year, so I picked em.

Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions.      Taking Arizona at -2

I was surprised at this line. Both teams will be improved from last year. I am taking Arizona in the opener

Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans.    Taking Oakland at +2

I was surprised the Titans were the favorites in this game with the Raiders being a hot, dark horse pick to make it to the Super Bowl. I like Oakland’s scoring ability here, more.

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals.       Taking Cincinnati at -3

I think, by the end of the year, the Ravens will have a better record this year. The Ravens are banged up to start the season so I think the Bengals win this one with the Ravens evening the series later in the year.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns.       Taking Pittsburgh at -9

This is the second large line of the opening week of the season. I hate these lines in the NFL. The parity is just too strong. With that said, the Steelers have owned the Browns winning 13 of the last 16 games with the majority covering that line. I am taking the Steelers.

Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Rams. Taking LA at -3.5

Over/Under set at 42. Liking the UNDER here. For reasons, please see next line.

3 things for this game. No Andrew Luck, No Andrew Luck, No Andrew Luck. That is the only reason that LA is favored and the only reason I am picking them to cover.

Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers.         Taking Green Bay at -3

As is tradition, the Packers are going to be good this year. As is tradition, the Packers will be great at home. My only concern is that I see this game as a 3 point game so could be a push.

Carolina Panthers at San Francisco 49ers.       Taking San Francisco at +5.5

I hate cross country games almost as much as the teams do. I like San Francisco in a close game. Win or lose gets decided by less than 5.5

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys.        Taking Dallas at -4

With Zeke back, anything is possible in Big D. I am not too confident that Alfred Morris and RUN DMC will be able to cover for his absence, but he is back this week so going Dallas.

New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings.         Taking Minnesota at -3.5

Two dome teams playing outside? I will take the one that had to do it last year. NO struggles away from home. I like Minnesota as a dark horse NFC contender

Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos.       Taking Los Angeles Chargers at +3.5

Over/Under at 43.5. Loving the OVER in this one with these good, healthy offenses.

The Broncos are not the Broncos of 2 years ago. They are a little older in some key spots and their “QB Competition” is between two guys name Trevor and Paxton. Good luck with that one. In other news, the Chargers have had one of the most consistent QB situations in the NFL. I think the Broncos still win this game, but only by a point or two.



By: Rae Carruth



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