The QB Heirarchy – Week 1

Each week we will release “The Hierarchy” for each position. The Hierarchy will release players rank according to where we at NoHuddle believe they will fall for that particular week using a tiered system. The higher the tier, the better off, the lower the tier, the more you want to stay away from those players. All rankings are based on upcoming opponent, past performances, and projections for the current week. Here we go:
The Kings: (Represent the Elite at their position for the week- Top End QBs)

1. Tom Brady

2. Aaron Rodgers 

3. Matt Ryan

4. Russell Wilson 

The Princes: (Represent the QBs that should still perform at QB1 levels):

5. Ben Roethlisberger

6. Derek Carr

7. Drew Brees

8. Cam Newton

9. Marcus Mariota

10. Kirk Cousins 

11. Carson Palmer

12. Dak Prescott 

The Dukes: (Represent the QBs that should perform at QB2 levels with a chance to sneak into Prince and King territory):

13. Tyrod Taylor 

14. Matthew Stafford

15. Andy Dalton 

16. Phillip Rivers

The Marquess: (Represent QBs that should perform at a solid QB2 level):

17. Eli Manning

18. Carson Wentz

19. Sam Bradford 

20. Blake Bortles 

The Barons: (Represents the QBs that are the most desperate of all starts and in all likelihood, we are trying to avoid deploying in our lineup)

21. Joe Flacco

22. Alex Smith

23. Tom Savage

24. Jameis Winston – no game

25. Jay Cutler – no game
All tiers in order of rank and based on .5 PPR

As always feel free to contact us at on twitter with any questions!

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