Overs, Unders, Lines O’ my! Week 2 Gambling Picks

Well, the first week came and went. The only thing we learned is that there were a lot of teams whose offenses were not nearly as good as expected. Also, that Kenny Golladay was as good as advertised and Tarik “Chicken Salad” Cohen is a fast little man. I do not think he will be able to repeat that stat line too often but it was fun to watch. The first week we went 8-9 with all of the lines and over/unders figured into the records. Alot of those losses were by .5-1.5 points and for the first week of the season I dont think that was too bad. Do not worry. We will be making up all the money and more this week and beyond.

Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars. I am taking Titans at -1.5

The Jags shocked a lot of people last week. I can not imagine this Titans team starting 0-2 or this Jags teams starting 2-0.

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens. Taking Baltimore at -8

The Ravens looked great last week. The Browns did not look horrible last week. Like Baltimore this week at home as the more likely team to continue from week 1.

I am also taking the OVER of this game at 38. 

Buffalo Bills at the Carolina Panthers.  Taking Buffalo at +8

I think the Bills lose, but only by a few points.

New England Patriots at the New Orleans Saints. Taking Patriots at -6.5

They did not look like themselves last week. The Saints did and they are not very good.

I am taking the UNDER at 58 points this week. In my memory, big NFL games that people are expecting to be 35-34 rarely pan out that way for both teams.

Arizona Cardinals at Indianapolis Colts. Taking the Cardinals at -7

I like the Colts more with Brissett starting than Tolzien, but I like the Cardinals more overall.

Philadelphia Eagles at the Kansas City Chiefs. Taking Philly here +5.5

This was one of the harder games this week. I like both teams. I doubt Alex Smith will have another career year, and I think the loss of EB really hurts the Chiefs D.

Minnesota Vikings at the Pittsburgh Steelers. Taking Pittsburgh -6

That Vikings D did not look as good as normal Week 1. That Steelers offense will get Bell going this game. Should be good.

Chicago Bears at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Taking Tampa at -7.

The Bears played pretty well last week. I am not convinced they are not as bad as advertised. The Bucs haven’t played and are hankering to show off their new weapons.

I am taking the OVER here at 43. Thinking Bucs get in 30s.

Miami Dolphins at the Los Angeles Charges. Taking the Chargers here at -3.5

I hate teams flying cross country with no QB and no Landry.

NY Jets at the Oakland Raiders. Surprisingly, I am taking the Jets here at +13.5

That is a whole hell of a lot of points for an NFL team to win by. I am curious about both teams this year.

Washington Redskins at the LA Rams. Taking the Rams at -2.5

Their D looked great last week without the best player, and I hate teams having to fly across country for a game.

Dallas Cowboys at the Denver Broncos. Taking Dallas at -2

Should be one of the best games of the weekend. Dallas should just be the slightly better team.

San Francisco 49ers at the Seattle Seahawks. Taking 49ers at +14.

That line shows how bad people think the 49ers are. I think they are bad, but not that bad.

Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons. Taking Falcons at -3

The Falcons are just a better team at home than most NFL teams.

Detroit Lions at the NY Giants. Taking Lions at +3

Did the oddsmakers watch that Giants game last week? Eli looked atrocious. If OBJ doesn’t play than this is 100 going to Detroit. Watch the injury news on this one.


By Rae Caruth

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