Chasing Defense: Week 3

This is a weekly column that looks at the best defenses to chase throughout each week of the season. The goal is to give you a few defenses that should be available in your league that will give you an advantage at the defensive position each week.

This Week:

We have three really good matchups for you this week. Feel free to play any of these and expect a good return on your investment.

Play of the Week:

Dolphins (@ NYJ): The Dolphins are available in 97% of leagues. They get their shot at the Jets this week. The Jets did manage to put up 20 points in a blowout last week with the Raiders, but I expect them to be in a close game this week against the Dolphins. Which means the Dolphins won’t let up. We are counting on a few turnovers from this Jets offense.

Others this Week:

Buccaneers (@ MIN): I went back and forth debating if this should be my game of the week or not. With Sam Bradford likely out, I love this Bucs defense feasting against Case Keenum.

Packers (v. CIN): The Packers defense isn’t the best in the league by any stretch, but with the way the Bengals have struggled on offense I like the way this one sets up. They are the only home matchup of the week, and that has paid dividends in the past.

Revisiting Last Week:

Ravens (v. CLE): Our play of the week netted us 16 points, which was the second most on the week. The only team that had more points for the defense was one of our other matchups below, the Bucs and Bears. The Ravens gave up 10 points, had 4 INTs, 1 fumble recovery, and they had 3 sacks. Pretty solid outing.

Raiders (v. Jets): The Raiders were the worst of our 3 this week, but still would have gotten you close to 8 points. They did give up 20 points the Jets but did have 2 fumble recoveries and 4 sacks. It was such a blowout that the Raiders defense likely let off the gas some.

Buccaneers (v. Bears): The Bucs were the defense this week. The scored about 18 points in most fantasy leagues. They only gave up 7 points, 2 INTs, 2 fumble recoveries, scored a touchdown and had 1 sack. I was surprised the Bears didn’t turn to rookie Mitch Trubisky after halftime.


Pipe Dream: (Team we wish we picked up)

We hit the two best defenses of the week with the Bucs and the Ravens.

Running Total:

We got to put our money where our mouth is, so here is how we have done so far this season!

  • Week 1: Rams D vs. Colts= 27 points
  • Week 2: Ravens D vs. Browns= 16 Points
  • Week 3: Dolphins D vs. Jets=
  • Total = 43 Points
    Our 43 points total would make our “Chasing Defense” teams rank as the #1 defense in the league. We will look for that number to improve this week!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact us @No_HuddleFFB on twitter!


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