Overs, Unders, Lines O’ my! Week 4 Gambling Picks

Well, week 4 is upon us. Embarrassingly enough, I failed to finish posting last week’s games so there was no article. After all, I am still new at this whole computer thing…. writing articles thing. Now it is time to bring you the winners and the money for this week. Here are the lines for Week 4 of the NFL season from the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook.


Carolina Panthers @ New England Patriots Patriots at -9. I am taking the Patriots here. The Panthers have just not looked that good.

Los Angeles Rams @ Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys at -6. I am taking the Cowboys here. I think that Zeke finally plays well, and they are just the better team.

Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings. Vikings at -2. I am taking the Vikings here. Keenum looked good last week, and what basically amounts to a pick-em game. I am going with MIN. I like the OVER of 42.5 for this one.

Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans. Titans at -2. Ah, division play of a fairly average division. I am going with the Titans here.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ NY Jets. Jaguars at -3.5. I am taking the Jaguars with this one. The Jaguars have been pretty inconsistent but the better team wins this one. I am taking the OVER at 38 for this game. Think both offenses get something going. 

Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns. Cincinnati at 3.5. I like the Brown here. They have gotten some bad breaks, and it is time to get in the W column… or lose by 1 or 2. I am taking the UNDER at 41.5. Think both defenses gets their’s

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens. Steelers at -3. This game is more than likely going to be a close one. My gut tells me PIT by exactly 3 so I will go with PIT on this one.

Buffalo Bills @ Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta at -8. I am going with the Bills on this one, partly because I need Tyrod to play well, and partly because I don’t think it gets too out of hand.

NY Giants @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Bucs at -3. I like the Buccaneers here. They are my dark horse NFC team. I am also taking the OVER at 44.5 for these two strong teams. Eli has to get his head out of his ass eventually.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Los Angeles Chargers. Chargers at -1.5. I am going with the Chargers on this one. I just HATE cross country east to west trips for teams. One of the main reasons that I am going for the UNDER at 47.5.

San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals. Arizona at -7. I am going with the Cardinals here. While the 49ers have shown glimpses of all rightiness. I still like AZ more.

Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos. Denver at -2.5. The Raiders are going to probably be without Crabtree this week, and are coming off a god awful game last week. I am going with Denver this time around.

Indianapolis Colts @ Seattle Seahawks. Seattle at -13. I know the Colts are bad, but I do not know that the Seahawks are this good. I am going with the Colts on this one. I am also going with the UNDER on this one at 41.5.

Washington Redskins @ Kansas City Chiefs. Chiefs at -7. Man, the Redskins have not looked very good this year much to my surprise. The Chiefs have been pretty awesome. Riding the hotter team. Going KC here.


Hey, let me know if I won or loss you any money this week. If you ask nicely Byron Hamilton “The Musical” will reimburse you for some of your losses.






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