The Bartering System: Week 5

by Chris Foster

This article will feature players that are worth bartering or trading each week. One of the best things about fantasy football is making that perfect trade that sets you up for several wins down the road. Trading fantasy football players are no different than trying to trade stock on the actual stock market. The best way to execute that trade is to invest in a player when their stock is low, and dispose of players when their stock is high. The key element in this is recognizing what players tend to keep constant at their stock level and rack up on the ones who hold an above average stock level constantly. The opposite is also true; try to limit the players that you have who hold a below average stock level constantly. The trick is to flip these below average players when they perform well for a few weeks and collect the players who underperform their usual constant level over that same time. It’s easier than it sounds if you just follow the advice below.

Invest Low: (Players to invest in while their stock is lower)


Marcus Mariota (Tennessee Titans): There is a good chance that Marcus Mariota will be out this week. Which means there is a good chance if the teams that own him have a losing record that you can acquire him pretty cheap this week. He will be a Top 10 QB the rest of the way when he gets back. You’ll be pretty happy about that acquisition.

Running Backs:

Frank Gore (Indianapolis Colts): Gore is as consistent as they come when it comes to a fantasy floor. I like his upside in this weeks matchup, and I like his upside and more when Andrew Luck returns to this offense. He is a very solid flex or even RB2 consideration each week that you can get cheap or as a throw-in on a trade offer.

Jay Ajayi (Miami Dolphins): Ajayi is about as cheap as you will get him right now. He was a first or early second round pick that has struggled four weeks into the season. I would not give up on him yet, as he finished as a solid RB1 last year and had barely seen the field up to this point.

Wide Receivers:

TY Hilton (Indianapolis Colts): Just like I said about Gore above, I am trying to get pieces of this offense before Andrew Luck gets back. Hilton will not be cheaper than he is this week, and if he is on a team with losing record, they may need immediate help now. Make a move to acquire him!

Demaryius Thomas (Denver Broncos): I have heard a lot of negative talk around Thomas this week and I am a little dumbfounded by it. I understand that he only had 1 catch for 11 yards, but he is still seeing nearly 10 targets a game, and his looks in the red zone will come. He plays in a good enough offense to survive as a decent WR2 or excellent flex play.

Tight Ends:

Charles Clay (Buffalo Bills): The only pass catcher on the Bills who is constantly targeted is Charles Clay, especially in the red zone. He will finish the year as a top tight end in a year where it is hard to find any consistency. I said this in last weeks article and I will continue to tout him.


Dispose High: (Players to dispose of while their stock is higher)


DeShaun Watson (Houston Texans): I know how awesome it has been to watch Watson over the last two weeks. I own him in a 2 QB dynasty empire league and it has been so fulfilling to see him grow over the last 3 weeks. Yet, if you are in a single QB league and you were fortunate enough to get him off waivers this week or already had him on a roster, then move him now. There will not be a better time to get a higher return for Watson. He is still a rookie, and I don’t see him continuing the upward trajectory like he is on now. I hope I am wrong though.

Running Backs:

Lamar Miller (Houston Texans):  I have never been the biggest Lamar Miller fan, but a week after talking about how he needs to watch out for D’Onta Foreman everyone is freaking out about the success of Lamar Miller. If you can move Miller now after his good game against the Titans then pull the trigger.

Wendall Smallwood (Philadelphia Eagles): Smallwood is a great piece to throw into a trade and try to move the needle on a larger player. The perception is that with Darren Sproles lost for the season that Smallwood is going to take over that role, but it appears that LeGarrette Blount is going to have more to say about that than most believe. Even Doug Pederson said they need to give the ball to Blount more. Sell Smallwood while the window is open.

Wide Receivers:

Will Fuller (Houston Texans): Fresh off of injury into the end zone twice on Sunday is sure to create an overreaction. If you grabbed him off waivers or had already rostered him then sell him now while all the hype exists around the Texans offense that just thrashed the Titans defense.

Stefon Diggs (Minnesota Vikings): Last week I told you to sell Brandin Cooks and I hope you listened, this week the surprising name on here is probably Diggs. Diggs has a history of going hot and cold. Right now he is the #1 WR in fantasy football and can be sold as a WR1. He will only go down from here as the season continues. Trust me. Sell him. I friend in a league of mine told me he was offered Jordan Howard for Diggs. Do it! Immediately!



As always, please feel free to give us a shout on Twitter @No_HuddleFFB if you have any questions or concerns regarding your lineup or just want to chat about fantasy football. Best of luck this week!

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