Chasing Defense: Week 9

This is a weekly column that looks at the best defenses to chase throughout each week of the season. The goal is to give you a few defenses that should be available in your league that will give you an advantage at the defensive position each week.

This Week:

We knew last week was going to be tough and it was. The matchups were not great and the availability of teams with decent matchups was worse. We have a better week ahead for us this week though!

Play of the Week:

49ers (v. ARI): Drew Stanton will be the starter for the Cardinals this week. It is likely to be a sloppy game so hopefully, that means that we can pick up some fantasy points.


Other Plays:

Raiders (@ MIA): The Dolphins just traded there best offensive player and we saw what the Ravens were able to do to Matt Moore last week.

Titans (v. BAL): The Titans just had a week off to rest up and prepare for the Baltimore Ravens and their offense which looked really good on Thursday night. Keep in mind though, that is the first time all year they have looked really good. I like the Titans defense in this one.

Revisiting Last Week:

Bucs (v. CAR): The Bucs only gave up 17 points and were able to pick off Cam Newton once but that is literally all they could do. That was good for 3 fantasy points.

Browns (v. MIN): The Browns were great in the first half, I thought we were going to hit, but then the Vikings just kept rolling out some points late. The Browns gave up 33 points had 1 INT and 1 sack. That was good for 4 fantasy points.


Pipe Dream: (Team we wish we picked up)

Colts (@ CIN): The Colts ended up being our best play last week that could have been available to us. The Colts gave up 18 points but managed 2 fumble recoveries and 3 sacks for a total of 9 fantasy points.

Running Total:

We got to put our money where our mouth is, so here is how we have done so far this season!

  • Week 1: Rams D vs. Colts= 27 points
  • Week 2: Ravens D vs. Browns= 16 Points
  • Week 3: Dolphins D vs. Jets= 4 Points
  • Week 4: Lions D @ Min= 11 points
  • Week 5: Bears D v. Min= 6 Points
  • Week 6: Skins D v. SF=  5 Points
  • Week 7: Cowboys D v. SF= 15 Points
  • Week 8: Browns D v. Min= 4 Points
  • Total = 88 Points
    Our 88 points total would make our “Chasing Defense” teams rank as the #3 defense in the league. We will look for that number to improve this week!

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