Down to the Wire: Week 9 Adds

by Chris Foster

Each week we will take a look at players who are more than likely on your waiver-wire that can be added to your team and help you this week. One of the biggest complaints with waiver wire add articles is that many of these guys are not available in your league. Using ESPN’s ownership statistics, everyone mentioned in this article has 50% or lower ownership status. This article will be divided into two parts, standard and deep leagues. The players in the deeper league wire are typically guys that you can stash that have upside. If you use a Free Agent Auction Bidding (FAAB) system, in parenthesis will be the percentage of your budget we would use on each player. In those type leagues, know the bidding history of your opponents and adjust accordingly. Players are ranked in order by their position.

Since Down to the Wire only highlights players who are owned by less than half of owners in ESPN leagues, I first want to give you a list of guys who are only owned in 50-75% of leagues that would be premium adds over any other player in most circumstances (depending on your positional needs). (Percentage owned in parentheses)


  1. Tyrod Taylor 64%
  2. Ben Roethlisberger 73%
  3. Phillip Rivers 73%
  4.  Andy Dalton 51%

Running Back

  1. Matt Forte 57%
  2. Rob Kelly 59%
  3. Tarik Cohen 68%
  4. James White 71%
  5. Derrick Henry 67%
  6. Theo Riddick 64%

Wide Receiver

  1. Mohammed Sanu 61%
  2. Danny Amendola 65%
  3. Tedd Ginn 62%
  4. Jamison Crowder 52%
  5. Jermaine Kearse 58%
  6. Sterling Shepard 58%
  7. Jermy Maclin 60%
  8. Martavis Bryant 60%

Tight End

  1. Jared Cook 69%
  2. Martellus Bennett 54%

Standard League Adds:


QB Jimmy Garoppolo (1% owned)(FAAB 5-10%): This is mainly for those deep QB leagues that are super flex or 2 QBs, so if he wasn’t already rostered, snatch him up. He likely won’t have any immediate fantasy impact, but it will come. If you are in a standard league then just hold off.

Running Backs

RB Marlon Mack (29% owned)(FAAB 5-10%): Mack is the most talented back in Indy and he should continue to eat into Frank Gore’s workload. He won’t become a feature back unless an injury occurs but he is their most skilled. His use should also continue to rise after the Robert Turbin injury.

RB Darren McFadden (34% owned)(FAAB 25+%) or Alfred Morris (30% owned): Well, it is almost official, Zeke will be out 6 games which means unless you make the championship game of your league you will be without Zeke. If you are the owner of Zeke or in need of an RB on your team take your shot at one of these two. Morris has seemingly been the backup every week with McFadden a healthy scratch, but both will figure into the mix.

RB Alex Collins (32% owned)(FAAB 15-25%): I have been touting for this kid all year long. It is clear that he is their best RB and looked really good on Thursday night. He leads the league in yards per carry.

RB Damien Williams or Kenyan Drake (1% owned)(FAAB 5-10%): With the trade involving Jay Ajayi, it leaves a huge void in the Miami running game. I am not sure that either one of these guys will help you very much, but they will see the field. I like Williams in standard play and Drake in PPR.



Wide Receivers

WR Cooper Kupp (39% owned)(FAAB 2-5%): He is in the top 36 WR’s in the NFL. Meaning he is a flex/WR3 play. He is obviously boom or bust every week but he is definitely worth owning.

WR Kenny Stills (37% owned)(FAAB 5-10%): Stills was really the only receiver who was noteworthy in the horrible appearance by the Dolphins on Thursday Night Football. I suspect Moore will still be the QB this week and he loves him some Kenny Stills. He is a great plug and play option.

WR Juju Smith Schuster (7% owned)(FAAB 10-15%): Unless you are Martavis Bryant, how can you not love Smith-Schuster. He has had a couple of big weeks in a row which means his price is going to be high this week, I don’t see him continuing to produce at the same rate so I would likely pass on him, but he sure is fun to watch.

WR Corey Davis (33% owned)(FAAB 2-5%): It was only a few years ago when OBJ showed up halfway through the season and posted top 5 numbers the rest of the way. I am not saying Davis or Mike Williams is OBJ, but they could turn out to be valuable in the second half of the season for you. Get a lowball bid in for them before they break out.

WR Robby Anderson (26% owned)(FAAB 5-10%): Every week it is either Anderson or Jermaine Kearse that comes up big for the Jets. Some weeks, it is both of them. That means there is a greater than 50% chance that Anderson will put up start worthy numbers for you. He is definitely worth owning.

WR Tyler Lockett (23% owned) or Paul Richardson (10% owned)(FAAB 5-10%): Richardson is likely the big name off the waiver wire this week. He and Lockett both looked really good in the shootout against the Texans. The Seattle run game is so bad that Russell Wilson is going to have to keep throwing the ball and it will only boost these guys numbers. They should be flex plays moving forward.


Tight Ends

TE Charles Clay (31% owned)(FAAB 2-5%): Just think about this, Clay is the #9 tight end in fantasy football this year and he has missed basically 3 weeks. In a year when tight end has been brutal if Clay is available in your league pick him up. He should be back in the next week or two.

TE Jack Doyle (39% owned)(FAAB 5-10%):  Jack Doyle has become Jacoby Brissett comfort zone and he continues to feed him. He is an every week start at this point.

TE Tyler Kroft (37% owned)(FAAB 5-10%): Kroft has 20 receptions in the last 4 games. That is hard to beat at the TE position. He will continue to see those numbers plus he will find the endzone more, he is also a weekly starter at the position.

TE Vernon Davis (13% owned)(FAAB 10-15%): With Jordan Reed dealing with injuries again it looks like it is time to unleash the veteran Davis. He was already seeing good action before Reed got hurt, now he will become one of Kirk Cousins’ main targets.


Deep League Adds- (20+ Rosters Spots And/Or 2 QB Leagues) OR (Speculative Adds)


  1. Jared Goff
  2. Matt Moore
  3. Josh McCown
  4. Mitch Trubisky

Running Backs

  1. D’Onta Foreman
  2. Elijah McGuire
  3. Corey Clement
  4. Jamaal Williams
  5. Rex Burkhead
  6. Jamaal Charles
  7. JD McKissic

Wide Receivers

  1. Roger Lewis
  2. Torrey Smith
  3. Kenny Golladay
  4. Adam Humpries

Tight End

  1. David Njoku
  2. George Kittle
  3. Ben Watson

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