Fire and Ice – Week 10

It’s time to take our weekly look around the NFL to see which players have the potential to set your roster on fire and which ones seem to be cooling down. I’ll try to avoid the obvious candidates for the players that are heating up, in addition to focusing in on higher profile players that could leave your team on ice this week. I will also be taking a look at their performance from the previous week, as well as what the matchup holds for them heading into Sunday.
On Fire:


Jared Goff – Los Angeles Rams

Matchup – Houston Texans

Much like everyone else in the country, I’ve been extremely impressed with Jared Goff this season. Just about everyone wrote this kid off last year after an underwhelming rookie campaign. It just goes to show you what bringing in the right coach can do for a young quarterback. The Rams have gone from the bottom of the barrel to one of the highest scoring offenses in the league in just one year. Goff torched the Giants last week for 311 yards and four touchdowns, which was good enough for him to lead all quarterbacks heading into Monday night. Goff is somehow only 48% owned in fantasy leagues, so if he’s available go grab this kid. I think he’s a strong start again this week against a Houston defense that’s given up 55 points in the last two weeks. 
Tyrod Taylor – Buffalo Bills

Matchup – New Orleans Saints 

You’ve got to feel bad for Tyrod Taylor. I feel like he is constantly under appreciated as a quarterback in the NFL despite working with subpar talent on offense. He doesn’t necessarily have the biggest arm, but Taylor has the ability to make plays on the ground and is very good at limiting turnovers. I’ve not been able to catch many of their games this season, but it’s clear to me after last Thursday night that Buffalo has huge issues on the offensive line. It’s difficult to ask much from your quarterback when he’s running for his life every single play. Still, Taylor is coming off his best game of the year after throwing for 285 yards and scoring three total touchdowns. I think he should be able to put up decent numbers this week against an improved Saints defense, and I’m excited to see what Kelvin Benjamin adds to this offense. 
Jacoby Brissett – Indianapolis Colts

Matchup – Pittsburgh Steelers 

In case you missed the news, Jacoby Brissett is officially the starting quarterback for Indianapolis for the rest of the season after it was announced that Andrew Luck will be placed on injured reserve. While that is unfortunate, Brissett has actually played well at times this season and could be a valuable streaming option at quarterback if you need the help. He threw for his second highest total of the season against Houston as he finished the day with 308 passing yards and two touchdowns. This Colts offense is going to be one that has to throw a ton to stay competitive due to little production from their running backs and a soft defense. That makes Brissett an intriguing play in the right circumstances. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those weeks. The Colts will host a stout Pittsburgh defense at home, so Brissett is best left on the waiver wire in this one. 
Running backs:

Matt Forte – New York Giants 

Matchup – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

I had Matt Forte on this list a couple of weeks back simply due to his involvement as a receiver out of the backfield. However, he may be developing into the go to running back for the Jets on the ground as he had five more carries than Bilal Powell. Forte rushed for 77 yards and two touchdowns against a stout Buffalo defense last week and was on the field for the majority of the game. While his 22 fantasy points were a season high, this is the third time in four weeks the veteran running back has put up double digit performances. He’s just a hair shy of 56% owned in fantasy leagues, so grab him if you can. I particularly like him against the reeling Buccaneers this week. 
Alvin Kamara – New Orleans Saints

Matchup – Buffalo Bills

What a year it’s been for rookie running backs. I put Adrian Peterson’s departure from New Orleans squarely on Alvin Kamara’s shoulders. Most knew the rookie was an explosive player, but I have to say his team involvement in this offense is more than I anticipated in his first year. This kid is a PPR machine and his becoming more involved in the running game as well. Kamara ended up with 152 total yards and two touchdowns on 16 touches against the Buccaneers, so it’s clear this kid is going to be a focal point in the Saints offense each week. While I would normally avoid running backs facing the Bills, Kamara’s involvement as a receiver should allow him to continue producing this week. Don’t bench this guy.  
Jay Ajayi – Philadelphia Eagles 

Bye Week

Well, it’s official. There’s no reason for Philadelphia to not deploy Ajayi as their number one running back moving forward. I realize Corey Clement had a huge day and scored three total total touchdowns for the Eagles. However, Ajayi led all Eagles running backs with 77 yards and a touchdown on eight carries. Philadelphia said multiple times last week that Ajayi would get some work but wouldn’t be a featured back. I think that will change after he has a bye week to get more acclimated to Philadelphia’s playbook. Ajayi won’t be a work horse like he was in Miami, but perhaps that’s a good thing. He landed in a much better offense and faces a below average Dallas defense after his second bye week. I’m in on Jay Ajayi moving forward. 
Wide receivers:

TY Hilton – Indianapolis Colts

Matchup – Pittsburgh Steelers 

I’ll reiterate what I’ve said multiple times on our podcast. TY Hilton is an elite wide receiver in the National Football League. It just so happens that Jacoby Brissett is under center and not Andrew Luck. Hilton just posted his third game of the season with over 150 receiving yards and scored two touchdowns against Houston. Unfortunately, he’s failed to accumulate more than 60 yards in his other six matchups. It’s clear that Hilton will struggle with Brissett under center, but these types of performances shouldn’t be ignored. He’s still a valuable fantasy asset when the matchup calls for it. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s the case against Pittsburgh this week. It’ll likely be a few more weeks before Hilton makes this list again. 
Robert Woods – Los Angeles Rams

Matchup – Houston Texans 

When both Robert Woods and Sammy Watkins arrived in Los Angeles the smart money was on the latter to lead this offense in receiving yards. That hasn’t been the case to this point. In fact, up until last week we saw Robert Woods lead all Rams receivers in yards with Todd Gurley in second place. Woods has at least 55 yards over the last four weeks and deserves your attention. He’s barely 26% owned in leagues and has had at least 55 yards in the last four weeks. While his 70 yards and two touchdowns gave him his best fantasy production on the year, he’s been a valuable receiver throughout the year. Grab Woods if you can and play him this week against a struggling Texans defense. 
Deonte Thompson – Buffalo Bills

Matchup – New Orleans Saints 

It’s clear this offense isn’t the same without Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods. The two players brought in by Buffalo to replace them, Jordan Matthews and Zay Jones, have been underwhelming at best. However, Deonte Thompson has enjoyed some success in Buffalo since being let go by the Bears as he has two big games in the last three weeks. Unfortunately, I think his newfound success will be short lived. Matthews and Jones still outrank the veteran on the depth chart, and he should slide further down the totem pole with the arrival of Kelvin Benjamin. I don’t expect a repeat of what we’ve seen from Thompson recently against the Saints this week. 
Tight ends:

Evan Engram – New York Giants 

Matchup – San Francisco 49ers

Evan Engram has been basically the lone bright spot for this Giants offense over the last few weeks. Ever since New York lost both Odell Beckham and Brandon Marshall, Engram has been the focal point of the Giants’ passing attack. The rookie tight end has had at least 60 yards receiving and a touchdown in three consecutive weeks, and there’s no reason to think he’ll slow down this week against quite possibly the worst team in the league in the San Francisco 49ers. Full speed ahead here. 
Jack Doyle – Indianapolis Colts

Matchup – Pittsburgh Steelers

After a slow start to the season Jack Doyle is finally turning things around. Over the last two weeks Doyle has racked up 184 yards and a touchdown with 20 receptions. Although Jacoby Brissett has struggled at times, he finally seems to be keying on his tight end early and often. Doyle is seemingly healthy after struggling with a concussion for most of the season, and he’s finally paying off for those that snagged him in hopes that his breakout season last year wasn’t a fluke. The Steelers will undoubtedly pose a difficult challenge for the Colts this week, but Doyle is worth rolling out there considering he’s the only dependable receiving option Brissett has outside of TY Hilton. 
Ice Cold:


Jameis Winston – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Matchup – New York Jets

One of the offenses I was excited to see heading into this season was Tampa Bay. You have one of the best receivers in the league in Mike Evans and added talent in Desean Jackson and OJ Howard. Unfortunately, this team has struggled mightily over the last few weeks. Almost all of the struggles can be placed on the shoulders of an injured Jameis Winston. He’s not been able to finish two out of the last three games and threw for only 210 yards with three turnovers against the Panthers a couple of weeks ago. Until we see some sort of improvement here I’m not touching this offense with a ten foot pole, and that includes this week against the Jets. 
Kirk Cousins – Washington Redskins

Matchup – Minnesota Vikings 

I expected a down game for Kirk Cousins this week against the Seahawks on the road. However, I’m not sure I expected less than 250 yards and no touchdowns. I said last week after a poor showing against Dallas that things would get worse before they would get better for Cousins, and I couldn’t have been more right. Washington’s offense is suffering from a multitude of injuries, and they face the Vikings this week. Leave Cousins on your bench in this one. 
Andy Dalton – Cincinnati Bengals 

Matchup – Tennessee Titans 
I’m not sure if anyone out there is still playing Andy Dalton in their fantasy league, but if you are you can go ahead and stop now. Dalton looked absolutely lost against the Jaguars last week and set a new season low with only 136 passing yards. It certainly didn’t help that AJ Green was tossed early in the game for throwing punches at Jalen Ramsey, but I doubt he would’ve helped much if we’re being honest. At this point I’d recommend dropping Andy Dalton if he’s still on your roster. I don’t see him doing much damage against the Titans and Broncos on the road over the next two weeks. 
Running backs:

LeSean McCoy – Buffalo Bills

Matchup – New Orleans Saints

Man, talk about a let down. LeSean McCoy was coming off his best game of the season heading into Thursday night but was only able to scrounge up 25 yards on 12 carries against a Jets defense that completely shut down Buffalo’s rush attack. What’s worrisome is the fact that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a performance like this out of Shady this season. In fact it’s the second time this season the veteran has had 12 carries for less than 30 yards on the ground, so it’s not exactly an outlier for him this season. Regardless, you’re not sitting McCoy is you own him. Hopefully he gets back on track this week against a surprisingly improved Saints defense. 

Kareem Hunt – Kansas City Chiefs

Bye Week

After exploding onto the scene to start the season, Kareem Hunt has steadily declined as the year has gone on. For two consecutive weeks the rookie has rushed for less than 50 yards and has posted single digit fantasy points in both games. The only thing that has saved his owners from a fantasy standpoint is his involvement in the passing game. The other negative here is the fact that Hunt has not found the end zone since week three after scoring six touchdowns in the first three games of the season. I’d like to say this is just a slump, but considering the rookie’s struggles it’s difficult to not be concerned. Similar to LeSean McCoy, you’re not benching Kareem Hunt at this point. All you can do is hope he turns things around after Kansas City’s bye week.

Doug Martin – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Matchup – New York Jets

In case you’re wondering, yes there will be a Buccaneers player listed at each position this week. While Jameis Winston was disappointing, I want to know what in the hell happened with Doug Martin. I realize Tampa Bay was getting blown out, but Martin only saw eight carries and ended up with fewer touches than Peyton Barber. You read that correctly, Peyton Barber. It’s clear that something needs to change with this offense, but I don’t see Barber being the answer here after Doug Martin played well in his first two games of the season beginning in week five. Until things change you can’t trust any player for the Buccaneers, particularly Martin considering he faces a Jets defense that shut down LeSean McCoy last week. 

Wide receivers:

Mike Evans – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Matchup – New York Jets

Notice a trend here? Tampa Bay is bad, and will now be without Jameis Winston for the foreseeable future to give him time to rest his injured shoulder. I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly like Mike Evans’ chances at a bounce back game with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center. However, he can’t be much worse than what we saw last week when he caught only one pass for 13 yards. The difference with Mike Evans compared to the other Tampa Bay players I’ve mentioned is there’s no way you’re not playing this guy. You can only hope that Fitzpatrick can find his star receiver after Evans serves his one game suspension. 

AJ Green – Cincinnati Bengals

Matchup – Tennessee Titans

Serious question, why would you ever throw punches at a person wearing a helmet designed to withstand hits given by 300 pound men? I realize AJ Green was caught up in the heat of the moment, but I’ll never understand the thought process there. Regardless, Green has been underwhelming at times this season and wasn’t off to a great start even before being getting ejected for throwing punches at Jalen Ramsey. He finished the day with a single catch and six yards, which basically sums up Cincinnati’s performance as a whole against the Jaguars last week. You have to assume that Green will bounce back at some point. It’s just hard to know when that will be with Andy Dalton playing so poorly as well. 

Will Fuller – Houston Texans 

Matchup – Los Angeles Rams

Well we all saw this one coming. We’ve discussed in the past that Will Fuller’s production this season is unsustainable. Unfortunately, it took a season ending injury to Deshaun Watson to break that streak. Fuller caught only two passes for 32 yards against the Colts, which gives us a pretty good idea of what we’ll see out of Fuller moving forward. While his volume of passes shouldn’t take a huge hit, Tom Savage makes this offense much more easy to defend. The only Texans player I’d feel somewhat confident in playing this week against the Rams is DeAndre Hopkins. 

Tight ends:

Cameron Brate – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Matchup – New York Jets

Cameron Brate has been on a roll this season, so it’s unfortunate that Jameis Winston will be on the shelf for a few weeks. Before last week’s one catch nine yard performance, Brate had at least 60 yards or a touchdown in every game going back to week three. While he should still be involved in the passing attack, it’s hard to feel great about his situation with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center. As I’ve already mentioned, I don’t have any faith in any of Tampa Bay’s players until we see some sort of spark out of this team. 

Austin Seferian-Jenkins – New York Jets

Matchup – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Another week and another subpar outing for Austin Seferian-Jenkins. I pointed this out last week, but ASJ’s production from a fantasy football standpoint is directly tied to whether he finds the end zone or not. He simply isn’t involved enough to help you out much otherwise. Over the last two weeks ASJ has only 48 total yards on seven receptions, so unless you’re sold on Josh McCown finding his tight end for a touchdown pass each week you’ll want to make sure you have a viable backup on deck. That being said, I think Seferian-Jenkins gets back on track this week against a reeling Tampa Bay team. 

Jason Witten – Dallas Cowboys 

Matchup – Atlanta Falcons

I don’t know how many people are playing Jason Witten at this point, but I’m assuming that number is pretty high considering his ownership percentage. While Jason Witten was seventh at his position heading into last week, nearly half of his points came from the first two games of the season. In fact, Witten only has 27 fantasy points over the last six games combined. He scored 34.5 in the first two games and has a single touchdown since then. I will say there is hope here, however. Dez Bryant should miss time as he battles his way back from an ankle injury, which could cause Witten to see additional targets. Still, I’m not confident enough in his production to start the veteran until we see something out of him. 

As always, please feel free to give us a shout on Twitter @No_HuddleFFB if you have any questions or concerns regarding your lineup or just want to chat about fantasy football. Best of luck this week!

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