Diary of a Work League: The Draft

This season I decided to chronicle my work league in this column.

What I’m thinking when I go make moves. From the draft to the waiver wire.

I will make a record each week and give you the play by play.

I will let you know the trades I propose and why.

Maybe, more importantly, I will share with you the trades that are proposed to me.


The draft was snake format for a 10 team league that is .5 point ppr with a lineup of 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Flex, DST, Kicker. It was online and there was 1 minute per pick (which screws me at a certain point, but there is time for that later).

I had the the 4th pick.

Round 1: Starts off normal enough. Gurley 1st, then DJ, Bell 3rd, Then me. I had predetermined that I was going RB 1st. Even with AB on the board I did not bat an eye and took Alvin Kamara 4th.

Easy choice for me.


RB’s production is so hard to replace in fantasy now. Almost no one uses a “Bell Cow” back anymore and my strategy has changed to take RB’s that I know will get touches. Not only in the run game, but also in the pass game. Kamara is LEGIT. Leads the league in elusiveness last year and has the second most TD’s scored. BOSS.

Round 2: I have to wait a bit for my next pick. There are 6 picks after me in the 1st round and 6 picks before me in the 2nd.

Tons of big names go.

I’m left to choose from a select group of names: Thielen, D Cook, Adams, Freeman are all available.

I’m going with my gut though and I draft Tyreek Hill.


Have you seen him run? That’s why. No one can run with this guy and now his QB has the arm to get it to him.

Round 3: I need an RB because of what I explained a bit earlier. My pick can’t get here fast enough.

Freeman, McCaffrey, McKinnon are all available to start round 3.

Freeman goes first. Then to my surprise… TOM BRADY comes off the board. In round 3!


Then TRAVIS KELCE. In round 3.

I snag McCaffrey so fast your head will spin and now I have 3 players in my lineup that touch the ball often in the run and throw game. Got a little lucky there…yes, but I will take it.

Round 4: I have to wait a bit more now. The picks become a bit muddier at this point but I want value.

So I draft WR Jarvis Landry.

Now I can name my team Bless’M. Excellent. Things are falling into place. Now I have two RBs and two WRs.

My next pick will be best available to fill my flex role…

Round 5: Yuck.

I hate my options.

JuJu Smith-Schuster just went one pick ahead of mine. That’s who I wanted. How did he fall this far? How did he go one pick before I could snag him.

Oh well, what are my options…

Chris Hogan. No.

Doug Baldwin. Eh.

Larry Fitzgerald. Oldie but goodie. Something to be said about Fitz. HOFer, Living Legend, always productive. I’ll take Fitz.

I’ve talked myself into it now at least.

Round 6: QB’s and TE’s are flying off the board.

Some chatter about taking a defense.


I need to take a TE at this rate. I’m looking at my option and Trey Burton is there.

The Philly special is in my mind. I panic. I take him.

Bad choice really. I should have stayed the course.

Emmanuel Sanders was there. I should have taken him.


Round 7: I’ve decided to take the top available regardless of position at this point because of the flex spot. I need depth at WR/RB/TE.

Lamar Miller is still there for me so I snag him. He will play flex some for me some this year.

Good pick for that round.

I mean he has to have a productive year eventually right??

Round 8: This is where I get screwed by the auto draft.

I wait just a bit too long and the CPU take Phillip Rivers for me.


Way too early for me to take a QB.

Nelson Aghlor, Will Fuller, Jamaal Williams, and more are still on the board.


Now that means I have to make up for 2 bad picks in my last 3 picks.

This will make me want to reach for players…I know it.

Round 9: Comes around to me and Will Fuller V is still there. Will Fuller is nasty when Deshaun Watson plays QB as we saw last year and of course when he is healthy.

I take him quickly.

After all you can’t coach speed.

Round 10: These people are killing me. Someone has already drafted two QBs.


All I have is Phillip “Shot Put” Rivers. I have to draft another QB.

God…I have to…Just do it…Don’t think about it…

Jimmy G.

Draft him…

“I’ll take Jimmy G.” I said.


Two QBs in the first 10 picks.


Round 11: Back to me and I see that for some reason Jordan Reed is not gone.

I check to see if any of his bones are broken (as they normally are) and to my surprise they are not.

If he can stay healthy I got a DEAL in round 11.


I’m back on track. Time to rake.

Round 12: Easy pick for me. I have depth everywhere. Pick a player that can help you later in the year.

Julian Edelman will come back after a 4 game suspension and play well for the Patriots.

I take him quickly.

Round 13: Derek Carr.

I now have 3 QBs.

I suck.

Round 14: Texans D

Round 15: Kicker….Can’t remember who I drafted.

Doesn’t matter.


I immediately drop Phillip Rivers for Rashaad Penny.

So my final roster heading into Week 1 was:


Jimmy G

Derek Carr


Alvin Kamara

Christian McCaffrey

Lamar Miller

Rashaad Penny (later replaced with James Conner)


Tyreek Hill

Jarvis Landry

Larry Fitzgerald

Julian Edelman

Will Fuller V


Trey Burton

Jordan Reed




Mason Crosby

See ya next week.

Featured image courtesy of the Associated Press.

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