The QB Heirarchy – Week 11

Each week we will release “The Hierarchy” for each position. The Hierarchy will release players rank according to where we at NoHuddle believe they will fall for that particular week using a tiered system. The higher the tier, the better off, the lower the tier, the more you want to stay away from those players. … Continue reading The QB Heirarchy – Week 11


Fire and Ice – Week 11

It’s time to take our weekly look around the NFL to see which players have the potential to set your roster on fire and which ones seem to be cooling down. I’ll try to avoid the obvious candidates for the players that are heating up, in addition to focusing in on higher profile players that … Continue reading Fire and Ice – Week 11

Season 2: Week 9

How bout it being half way through the fantasy football season! I hate this more than I love it...I think. Anyway! If you’re on the cusp of fantasy greatness, then we will oblige you with some decent fantasy advice. We love ya! Enjoy y’all!