Week 12! America is Thankful.

Y'all tomorrow you'll get to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. That's not what you're getting tonight. You're getting purely unfiltered unbiased (somewhat) opinions on Fantasy Football. Dammit! Pumpkin Pie tomorrow! Cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes! Cowboys and Redskins! Zeke! Let's do this! No Huddle FFB 2018 Week 12

Season 3: 2018 – Week 2! America loses a national treasure!

Well, it’s our guy Byron Hamilton’s “The Musical” last show. We love him, but we’re excited about the emergence of his new venture ticklemonster.com. Anyway, Week 2 is upon us!! Get the lowdown as we figure what to do with the chumps and dumps of week 1. We love ya, see ya next week!