Season 3: 2018 – AFC/NFC East

Dang!! One week later means one week closer to the start of the regular season! Good news is Byron Hamilton “The Musical” is outta here (for this week) and we are joined by the Jack of all Trades and Master of Puns...Jack Howard himself. @CloydRivers wanted to join us, but we couldn’t fit him in...ha … Continue reading Season 3: 2018 – AFC/NFC East

Managing Your Money – DFS Guide Week 16

Our biggest flaw last week was the wide receiver position. Outside of Michael Thomas most of the other players I recommended either got injured or were very underwhelming. With that being said, Cam Newton put on a show against the Packers and Nick Foles relieved a ton of Eagles fans with his strong play. LeSean … Continue reading Managing Your Money – DFS Guide Week 16