Season 2: Week 2

Week 1 is over with?! How'd you'd do? Awful? Whatever. It's a new week! Byron of House Ham, Tanner of House McAdoo, Nic of House Summajay, and Derk of House Man will break this week down for you and let you know where you went wrong in week 1. Love you and Let's go!!!

Podcast: Off-Season – Episode 3

Wow...Where is September and how do I get a hold of her?! Let's talk about a few guys that are reasonably questionable going in to the 2017 season! Derk, Byron Hamilton "the Musical", Tanner Wilder "Mr. McAdoo" Jenkins, and of course Slingin Nic Mingie letting you in on their insights. Subscribe and Review! Twitter: @No_HuddleFFB