Season 2: 2017 Season Wrap Up

It’s the final podcast for you. It’s a SUPER SHOW aka it’s like an hour and 20 minutes. Go Vols. Go Podcast. Over and out!!


Season 2: Week 17

Week 17 if you are still in the playoffs... Sorry. We got Jack in the studio who just won our weekly contest to cohost. Listen up for some smooth stats and some sultry voices.

Season 2: Week 12

No Huddle Nation! It’s Derk! I wasn’t here for this podcast. It was just The Musical, Mr. Moustache, and Nic Mingie y’all! this week. So I apologize in advance if it sucks so much. It’s my fault. If it’s good, it’s my fault. Seriously, these guys are good! We love ya, see ya next week!