Week 15! America is so close to fantasy glory!

No Huddle FFB 2018 Week 15 Playoffs Well, you're one step closer to glory! Hang in there and let us take the edge off with lots of humor and hopeful insights for week 15! See y'all back here next week, same time, same place...7:30 Wednesday - Live at the Wonderful Gibbs House in the Basement!

Week 14! America says it damn playoff time!

I know this year has had its ups and downs...but damn it. You're in the freakin playoffs!! Let's go!! See y'all next week after that W you get. Love y'all. Preciate ya. No Huddle FFB 2018 Week 14 Playoffs

RB Hierarchy Week 1

Each week we will release “The Hierarchy” for each position. The Hierarchy will release players rank according to where we at NoHuddle believe they will fall for that particular week using a tiered system. The higher the tier, the better off, the lower the tier, the more you want to stay away from those players. All rankings are based on upcoming opponent, past performances, and projections for the current week. Here we go: